jeudi 28 avril 2016

My European Travel Journal

Warning, this is a super photo heavy post! It is a peek inside my travel journal, as if you were next to me and we were looking through it together. Because I was in Europe for work, some pages I have had to keep private even if they had some kick-ass sketches on them! But otherwise they are all here.

The magazines on the planes always have really good fodder for travel journals.

Saturday am Vintage's journals was such an awesome base to work in. Love the enveloppes to tuck in tickets, boarding passes and things of the sort.

Beer labels also make great journal fodder! Especially when you're in Belgium.

This is one of my favorite pages. On the right, the flowers from the gorgeous magnolia tree near our hotel.

My arrival in paris where I spent the weekend with Caylee! You can see her travel journal here. It great to see how differently we used the same ephemera.

So much ephemera. So perfect. We had an amazing day.

Most of the sketching I did in the hotel room, when things were quiet in the evenings. The metro one I did on the train leaving Paris.

We also did some sketching at breakfast on the Sunday. That was such a great way to start the day. 

No way we were passing up a photobooth! The enveloppe contains some cherry blossoms and a ticket for going up the Eiffel Tower that we found on the ground.

Another favorite page, done with ephemera found on our walks and some cute stickers I found in Arras.

Anything becomes travel journal fodder : the label from my pop, the wrapper from my hotel soap.

My Caylee original!

How apt that there was a map of China in the book! My next great adventure.

You made it! Thanks for taking a look. I hope you enjoyed looking at my journal. I loved making it:)

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  1. Oh man oh man oh man.
    You're so awesome. I'm so glad to have you in my life. You make so many aspects of it better. Love seeing the whole thing, and my word how different it is in real life compared to on a PC screen.

    1. that is so true and something we don't realize at all until we've seen it!

  2. As much as I've flown, I've never thought to rip pages out of the magazines on the plane (is that even allowed?)!

    You journal is amazing, I've always wanted to do a travel journal like this, but I'm terrible at arting on the go.

    1. well, it does say 'this is your copy' on it!!!

  3. OH GOSH!! I NEED one of these journals in my life! It looks like she doesnt have any right now though :(

    But, V! This is amazing, one of my favorites from you!

    1. thank you Lauren, I think it 's definitely in line with your interests : travel and ephemera!!

  4. I think I'd live happily inside this journal <3

  5. i love this so much. you are amazing <3


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