vendredi 1 avril 2016

My accordion journal | side 1

I have finished the first side of my accordion journal. I LOVE the process. I LOVE using a limited color palette. I challenged myself to use the papers I got from Rachel in my Get Messy Color Swap packages. It has been super freeing to work this way. To not follow a prompt and to not have a page be about something specific, which is what I tend to do. Want to take a peek?

Another thing I love about this journal is not thinking in double page spreads but rather in one long scroll. So the spreads don't end where the fold in the paper is.

I added a few pieces here and there. The 'victoire' is from a bag from a store and so is the jackalope above. I also added some ephemera from the Warhol exhibit I visited in Hong Kong in 2013.

I so enjoyed this that now I will do the backside of these pages. I'm thinking of tweeking the color scheme a little. I'll keep you posted!

9 commentaires:

  1. Splendide ! Je prépare un peu le même système pour le Getmessian Lists avec des enveloppes kraft que j'encolle pour faire un accordéon. L'intérieur des enveloppes me servira aussi pour glisser les souvenirs, les petits mots...

  2. Gloups... J'étais sur le compte Gmail de mon fils...

  3. Accordion books are such fun aren't they!

  4. Ah! I've only just had a chance to look at this (stupid grad school taking away my blog reading time) & it is SO beautiful!!! <3 I love it!


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