jeudi 21 janvier 2016

Get Messy 3.0 is live (and I'm giving away a one-year membership)

Hello Messy friends. The brand new Get Messy site is now live! Check it out : click here. If you pre-register before January 31st, you get a very cool welcome pack. If you prefer going month-to-month rather than going for a year-long commitment, you can also sign up on a monthly basis. If you feel you are ready to commit to a year-long membership, you can click the direct link in the right sidebar of this page, 'join Get Messy' (this is an affiliate link in which I get a small percentage and I thank you very much).

You've probably read me gush about Get Messy a bunch of times but I really think this community is outstanding. Supportive, inspiring, beautiful. If you want to cultivate your creative side this is the place to help you achieve that. I've been on the creative team since 2015 and I am well placed to tell you how much Get Messy has allowed me to grow and evolve and develop in my art journaling practice.

As if you needed another incentive....I have a one year membership to give away to one of you. That's a 100$ value! Oh yes! Now, you have nothing to lose. To participate, let me know in the comments to this post what is the one thing that is stopping you from being creative. Is it fear of judgement? Is it lack of time? Is it never finding that perfect art journal? Make sure I can contact you by leaving your email address. I will randomly pick someone tomorrow night (Friday Jan 22nd at 7pm eastern daylight time) and announce it here.

I have some pages to share with you, as per my habit. I believe a whole lot of people on the blue planet have been mourning the loss of David Bowie. I have, along with the passing of Alan Rickman. Along with the killings in Burkina Faso. Death has been on my mind, that great human mystery. Is it better to know it's coming or not?

I was testing watercolors in my new Moleskine (and was quite happily surprised). I thought the marks I had made looked like nebulae. I cut out our galaxy from an old Time-Life book on the universe.

I added parts of the lyrics from Major Tom. And the kicker? I splattered glow-in-the-dark paint all over! It looks so cool, but I just cannot get it to show up in a photo!

My second art journal spread is one I've been working on for a couple of weeks. Sometimes, when I'm super emotionally involved in a spread, I have a lot of trouble getting it to reflect what I want it to. This happened to me for this one.

I redid her face at least 4 times and I still don't like it. But it's because I don't like the situation that this spread is referencing.

This is my favorite detail on the right side though. I see Pegasus there. A strong personal symbol that just appeared when I smooshed the pages together in frustration.

I added in a packing tape transparency I did a while back. I love this man's face.

So although I don't like this page at all, it is totally reflective of what is going on and my feelings about the situation : confused, frustrated and a little anguished. Lots of confusing layers and an overall sense of too much happening at the same time.

And a final spread:

I've been having trouble sleeping lately. The expression 'broken sleep patterns' came to me at 4 in the morning this morning. I added it to this spread which I have been nursing over the last few days.

Lots of layers behind those wide eyed figures.

Make sure to come back tomorrow to see if you've won!

18 commentaires:

  1. Ma plus grande difficulté c'est la peur de ne pas être à la hauteur ! A la hauteur de ce que j'ai dans la tête et que je ne sais pas bien retranscrire avec mes mains ou mes mots et aussi la peur du regard des autres...
    Je croise les doigts !!

  2. Mon mail : et jamulie5 sur IG !!

  3. Hors "concours" : Je te souhaite de tout mon coeur de trouver l'apaisement.

  4. I just started listening to 21 pilots yesterday and I recognized their lyrics immediately! I'd love to win the contest and get back into art journaling

    1. Whoops, forgot to mention my issue is time.

  5. Love, love, love these pages, especially the Pegasus creation! I haven't been doing any art journaling lately. I thought I was waiting for the new year to begin and then I was waiting for an online course to start but somehow I am still...waiting, for what I do not yet know. (P.S. I didn't know you could get glow in the dark paint, what a great idea for your Bowie page!!)

  6. I just started listening to 21 pilots yesterday and I recognized their lyrics immediately! I'd love to win the contest and get back into art journaling

  7. I love your line drawings... you do them often and I love and envy them!! I want to learn... any suggestions on a class/video/website? :)

  8. I love your pages, thanks for sharing. Time is definitely my issue in creating as much as I want - there are so many things I want to do but just so much time and energy... ps please don't add me to the drawing as I am already a member of Get Messy & going to commit more fully to the new website :) hugs

  9. Those pages are all beautiful. I'd love to be able to channel through so many mediums. I'm focusing on pen and paper right now but I'm loving the flow of your work. Finding the energy to get out more than a pen and pencil is currently my biggest challenge.

  10. Stunning pages V, you're just brilliant at journalling out your issues - disturbed sleep really sucks though....maybe too much going on?? xx

  11. The one thing that is stopping me from creative is that I feel like my art journal pages are not good enough or I get worried that the pages won't turn out like I want it to.

  12. I think the page and the face totally reflect your feelings. It very beautiful. I hope you're OK.

  13. Broken sleep patterns indeed! I have been having the same myself... maybe we're so excited about Get Messy 3.0 we are creating everything in our sleep and waking up cuz it's so fun. Your Pegasus 'happy mistake' is so great! And I'm glad to know that art journal pages are sometimes difficult emotionally... I haven't been doing them long enough to know, but assumed so. Thank you for the opportunity to put my name in for the give away... I've already joined but I have a BFF I'd love to gift it to. my email:

  14. Congratulations Stephanie, you win! Tu as gagné, je t'envoie un courriel.


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