lundi 19 octobre 2015

Vitamine Sea zine

Note : this week's Inktober will be published tomorrow.

Oups! We did it again. We made another zine. This time it was for Lauren, our other Get Messy mama. Caylee got Space, Lauren got the Sea. This time, Julia, Katie and I also enrolled Rebecca and Kate. I was the first one to add my pages, so it's been a surprise for me to see the completed zine. The fun part is trying to guess who did each page!

The right page below is one of mine.

So is this double spread.

....aaaaand the naked mother.

This was so much fun. Stay tuned to see who gets Zine-ified next :D

4 commentaires:

  1. Loved being part of this Vanessa, and also enjoyed trying to figure out who did what page. Your diver/astronaut double spread is one of my fav pages xx

  2. Salty sea mama is my fave <3 another zine in the bag! ;)


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