lundi 31 août 2015

Blue Sky in the Wild || Wrap-up

Oh, the places you will go! Indeed. We have returned from an incredible summer vacation. We travelled 380 km, in a big loop from Gatineau to Gaspé, to Shippagan, to Old Orchard Beach and back again. It has been a fulfilling trip.

Going to all those places takes time. The travelling time was about 6 to 8 hours whenever we'd move from one place to another. That is a long time to spend in a car. But when you have a sketchbook or an art journal, that time becomes something you look forward to.

I loved working in my Rustic Artisan. It was lightweight and so easy to carry around. Yet it holds its shape and is sturdy enough not to warp. I did take it to fairly humid spots and it still kept its shape.

Slowly but surely, the cover has taken on the signs of travel : slight marks, scratches. Nothing disfiguring, just telling the story of this well-loved journal.

The pages were just the right size for me. Lots of room for little vignettes, that is what I like. But if you are a person who likes to fill up the whole page, this size is also good for you since it's not too overwhelming.

The pages took the watercolor wonderfully and I tried various techniques, including soaking the paper. I definitely love this paper grade !

All in all, I think you can tell I am smitten with my Blue Sky Papers journal. I thank them wholeheartedly for this opportunity. I loved collaborating with them.

I will definitely be using my Rustic again soon...actually, I'll be taking it with me to San Miguel de Allende for an art journaling workshop I'll be attending in September. It will be interesting to see how it holds up to acrylic paint and the other techniques we'll be trying. I'll be sure to let you know :)

Thank you Blue Sky Papers for this lovely collaboration and for the gift of this sketchbook.
(psst did you know you get 10% off your order when you sign up for their newsletter? Do it now, you won't regret it!)

samedi 29 août 2015

V's 52 portraits || 35

Look the part

I know, it's scary. You've never done this before. But this is your chance, it's your turn. So go for it. Fake it till you make it. Wear the red lipstick that makes you feel like a siren from a silent movie. Wear the clothes that make you feel like the calm, collected woman you can be. The woman who knows what she's doing. The woman who's totally got this. The woman you have become through that path you've been carving for yourself all this time. Not the clear path, but the one that has taken you through the wilderness and has let you emerge stronger, wiser, more confident. It's all yours. Now, go.

New job starts on Monday and I needed a pep talk for myself. This week's portrait description is heavily inspired by Babevibes' on-point pep talk generator. Some of my favorite ladies are there, including Kara Haupt, Tina Aszmus, Kristin Tweedale, Kal Barteski, Mei Ratz and Amanda Robinson,  so you should definitely check it out anytime you need some encouragement.

jeudi 27 août 2015

Get Messy Season of Serenity || 05

Thursday totally crept up on me this week! I wanted to work on this week's prompts but didn't have the time to complete them. The pages I'm sharing today were started while we were on vacation and that atmosphere permeates them.

This first one is about childhood memories. The place where we stayed in Maine was where I'd spend my summers as a child. I hadn't been there in twenty years.

It was so incredibly amazing to see how things have changed and have changed the same. We had an amazing time and I wanted this spread to capture that feeling. I used some packing tape transfers which we made with the kids while we were there.

I also used a napkin, that great black and white photo and some images of beach birds I got from Caylee.

These elements will always bring me back to that place.

This second one is for the prompt about daily serenity. Originally, I intended to talk about the beach and the hot sand. But I feel that the list of moments adds to the spread.

I added some definitions related to sand and sanctuary, to bring forth the elements of the pages.

Not sure if it counts, but I did roll that vellum paper :)

Yesterday, I mentionned my collage for The Collage Club. When I was pulling out the black and white photos I wanted to use, I noticed all of these awesome and fierce women. I decided to put these lovelies in my art journal.

One thing I want to push is to not be afraid to alter the magazine image. I'm starting slowly by decorating around the figures, Julia-style. 

I've been thinking a lot about women and girls and the fact that they are so damned interesting. When I was thinking about my celebrity crushes for 30 Days of Lists, I had a hard time finding men to put on the list. I wanted to be the women or at least sit down and pick their brain. I've also had pep talks and self-care on my mind (more on that in Saturday's portrait).

I'd do what they say if I were you!

And finally, the background I've been working on but that I want to take my time with.

The plan for this one was to put down the paper then to start ripping it up. But I love it so! I can't bring myself to rip it. So I'm mulling over my options. I'm thinking drawing and outlining with white gesso. It will be for the reworking a page prompt. Tune in next week for the results.

(I'm prepapring a post about ephemera, to be published in a couple of weeks)

mercredi 26 août 2015

Collage Club || August

The theme for August's Collage Club was 'black and white'. Here is my spread. I call it 'In the Wilderness'.

Here is the story. We are a nomadic family. We go on postings all over the world. When I first arrived in Hong Kong, I felt completely overwhelmed. A friend of mine told me this : 'Right now, you are stuck in the wilderness'

'You have no idea where you are. Progress is slow. You don't know where you are going, you are surrounded. But in a few weeks, you will tame this wilderness, you will carve a path, you will overcome. So hang in there.'

Whenever I feel there is too much on my plate or that I'm uncertain of what I'm doing, I think about these words. And I put it all in perspective (thanks Christine!).

mardi 25 août 2015

30 Lists blog hop

Today, I am participating in a 30 Days of Lists blog hop. We each chose a prompt from the March 2011 edition and listed it out. I chose 'Celebrity Crushes'

So, just like Cam did back then, I split mine between male and female. And yes, there are more girls than boys. I just find them more interesting. Also it's because I secretly want to be these women. As for the men, I had trouble finding crushes that were not book or movie characters. It's not always easy to separate the two!

So there you have it. Easy, fast, quirky documenting. If you want to get on board with us, we start on September 1st. There is no pressure, this is an easy, at-your-own-pace project. When you register, you get a discount in all of the sponsor's shops, so it is definitely a well-invested 10$. There is also a kit!

You can register by clicking on the button in the right sidebar of my blog or right here. See you next week!

lundi 24 août 2015

Blue Sky in the Wild || 04

The week that just ended was the last one of our holiday. How fast those days go! I feel so very lucky to have spent so much time near the ocean. I'm sharing the sketches I made while in the car, going from New Brunswick to Maine...a 9 hour drive! I decided to document the different highway signs on the way.

I also tried my hand at clouds (not easy!) and copied the cool font on the back of a mail truck.

There were lots of different types of pine trees. I love the fact that the binding is visible on this sketch.

After all that driving we arrived at Old Orchard Beach. I sketched all of the people soaking in the sun.

We were staying in that yellow house and I also sketched my friend sleeping on the beach. I want to outline her with my Sharpie but I'm afraid she'll look too cartoon-y. What do you think?

Colorful parasols.

And, still going strong, my motel series.

I like seeing them grouped together.

Some of the kids we were staying with wanted me to draw their bathing suits drying on the line. I couldn't say no ;)

Thanks for coming by. Next week I'll share my final thoughts on this project and profess my endless love for Blue Sky Paper's journals. Because I just LOVE them.

samedi 22 août 2015

V's 52 portraits || 34

Meet me at the fair

Revisiting childhood memories. Some places hold so much power over us. I spent my summer vacations here when I was a young child. I remember the sun on my skin and the taste of salt water in my hair. I remember the crunch of sand under my feet as I ran up the hot steps. I remember stepping in the shadows so my feet don't burn in the sand and the exact place where the sand becomes coarser. I remember the flash of colors and lights on the pier. The crush of people and squealing kids. I remember the anticipation as the roller coaster goes up and the rush of air as it flies down the tracks. I remember the people trying their luck in the carnival games in the hopes of winning a huge toy. I remember being so excited to be out at night and feeling like there was magic in the world. This week, this is what we wanted to offer our children; the chance to feel a little of that magic too.

vendredi 21 août 2015

Project Life pages || July

On to July's pages! This happy spread was for the day of July 5th. It was such a happy reunion that it deserved it's own spread!

The week of July 6th to 12 was so much fun for me because I started taking my bike to work. How I loved doing that!

It was fn that my daughter was also getting more and more comfortable on her own bike.

That weekend, some of my university friends and their children came to stay with us. It was great that the kids all got along and played together.

The week of July 13 to 19. The kids went to their very first day camp. It was a complete success, both for them and us.

Love the colors on this page.

The right page is an insert for a mini trip to Montreal. We went to a Safari zoo and to see some friends.

The other side of the insert is all about that Sunday.

I went to see the David Altmejd exhibit and then we took the long way home on our way back to Gatineau.

This page ends the week, with the kids's camp show.

This spread douments the week of July 20th to 26th. The kids went to a second camp, more of an arts one this time.

This page is full of happiness, starting Harry Potter with my daughter, receiving my Blue Sky papers Rustic Artisan, getting a preview of an exhibit at the Museum, drinks and great food.

Little moments that make up a week.

And the last week of July : the 27th to the 31st.

This side is about the last day of my contract at the museum. Also the whole Instagram banning the Goddess hashtag, which made me quite mad.

And then, I was on vacation. So I took the kids to the beach and let out my own inner goddess and a grand time was had by all. 

I won't wait as long for August's pages! is starting soon....

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