vendredi 8 mai 2015

The 100 Day Project inspiration

One of the most rewarding elements of the 100 Day Project for me is discovering new artists and following their take on this idea. It thought I'd share a few of these new (to me)Instagramers. Check out thiers handles on IG, you'll surely fall down the rabbit hole like I did and find that creativity abounds.

@circools : one 100 days of cool circles? YES!

@nattymutrux : amazing small square collages

@lawrenceoluyede : an Instax pic of a stranger for 100 days and that person's story

@rachelngiles : drawing history starting from the present

@chloebnsl : drawings and stitching

@cynfulcreationscanada : drawing and purging 5 items a day

@emmaraekhalil : paintings/self-portraits

@uselessprojects : drawing song lyrics

@polaroidgirl : taking polaroids of walking people (using expired film)

Have fun!

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