samedi 30 mai 2015

V's 52 portraits || 22

Domestic Goddess...
...I am not. I am messy. I leave my clothes on the floor. I hate making the bed. I'll ignore the laundry. And then, I'll become a whirlwind and clean it all in one go. I'll curse my messy nature the whole time. I'll pest against the mop. I'll wriggle my nose at the smell of bleach. And then I'll be happy in my nice clean home...before noticing the dust bunnies that I didn't quite get to in that one corner of the room.

Awesome Ladies Creative Team projects || May

Hello all. Tonight is Awesome Ladies Night over at I hope you will join us. Things will be changing this summer so stay tuned for that. In the mean time, here are my May projects.
1. Quick summer documenting mini album
For this mini album, I used the Mon Ami 6 x 6 papers and trimmed them to 4 x 6. I followed a tutorial on the Me and My Big Ideas blog. The only thing I would do differently is that I would make the folded papers 6 inches so they cover the whole spine and make it more sturdy. But other than that, I'm quite happy with this little book.

I added a lot of tags in between pages, including the neon ones Kristin has in the shop.

I love that the Mon Ami papers are so summer-ish. A good mix of patterns and solids.

2. Sketch challenge: 9 x 12 layout to document date night
This is the sketch that Allie had us doing for May.
I was so excited to be able to use the Eiffel Tower Project Life card and the incredible New York map card that came in my Messy Box. So good.
'Les aiguilles et l'opium' is a play that centers around one night in the 1950s when Miles Davis was in Paris and Jean Cocteau was in New York. It is a masterpiece of scenography and text. About love lost and music and addiction, to love to music to needles. SO GOOD.

I was very happy to document this evening so perfectly.
Thanks for coming by!

jeudi 28 mai 2015

Get Messy Season of Brave || Wrap up

I have been feeling a little out of sorts art journaling wise. I'm not sure why. Maybe I feel a little overwhelmed creatively with all of the classes/workshops/design teams I'm participating in? Maybe it's my 9 to 5 job that is taking away creative time? Maybe it's the fact that I'm in a new art journal? I'm not sure.
So for this week, I decided to take. my. time. Slow it down. Work on a page for more than a few minutes. Let it sit and simmer. It felt really good.

These ladies appeared after I had done the dripping background.

My Unfinished Spirits are definitely showing up in this spread.

There are a few layers, not too many, but enough to add depth to my spread. And some shimmer too.

I spent some time with each woman. Making her dress. Drawing her face. Not planning it out, but letting the ink dictate the features. I used china ink and my calligraphy nib for their faces and hands.

I added the journaling part because that is what usually tells me that a spread is finished. But this one could have been complete without words.

Definitely loving the details.

Thank you for coming by. Leave me a note or any questions you may have, I read and answer each one. Bring on the Season of Adventure!

Get Messy Art Journal is gang of crafty vixens who are sharing art journal pages we have created to practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. We support and encourage one another on this journey of creating and learning and we would love for you to join us too.

mercredi 27 mai 2015

Art journaling your archetypes

A few weeks ago, I hinted at a project that I was working on but that I couldn't share yet. Well today I can. I won a seat in an art journaling workshop led by Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli. Gabrielle introduced my fellow art journalers and I to a few different archetypes. They are a little bit like personality types but more closely related to your identity or your core self. Basically you set aside the 8 archetypes that you feel best reflect who you are.
You can find the course on discovering your archetypes  here :
Once we had identified your archetypes, we were encouraged to make art journal spreads about them. I really liked this process. It was fun to think of myself differently (some of my archetypes really surprised me). Gabrielle will be publishing a book about art journaling your archetypes in 2016. She runs a Facebook group associated with the class which is great because you can interact with her and find out more.
Here are my pages. This first one is for the Warrior and the Liberator:

The silhouette sticker was provided by Gabrielle.
I love my collaged phoenix.

This second spread is for the Goddess and the Creative. I am so loving this color scheme.
 Neon pink is hard to photograph. This spread is really vibrant in real life.

This third spread is for the Hedonist, one of my more powerful archetypes (!). There is probably some Goddess in there too :)

And, finally, one I've shared here before : this was done with the Mother and the Eternal Child in mind.

So all in all, I can say that I really liked taking this class. It is more about thinking differently about yourself than learning new art techniques. But I was really inspired and still am. I feel like Gabrielle's class has inspired me to see myself and the people around me in a different light. And I like to document that type of thing in my art journal.

Go take a peek! Once again, the website is here.

Disclaimer: I won a seat for this class and did not pay the course fee. All opinions are my own.

mardi 26 mai 2015

Unfinished Spirits || 43 to 49

Here we are, almost at the halfway point in this 100 day project. I am still really loving what is coming out of me. I am happy that some of the exploration I do for these Spirits is creeping into other work that I do.




 A shot of this group of Unfinished Spirits:


And a closeup of this lovely lady.

samedi 23 mai 2015

V's 52 portraits || 21

And then some days, you don't feel like sharing at all. You have no desire to explain yourself or your process, because who reads it anyway? You feel like you put in too much of yourself. So you become the clam that nourrishes its pearl. And it helps you center yourself.

vendredi 22 mai 2015

Checking in with my One Little Word

Just thought I'd do a little check in on my OLW. I've been really commiting

+ creatively :
-by art journaling
-by hosting a creative month in one of the FB groups I'm a part of
-by participating in the My Details class
-by working on my CT projects
-by being fully into the 100 day project

+ to being present:
-with the children by spending one on one time with them
-with my husband by making sure we have time together
-with my friends by writing and communicating with them even when I am far
-with my family by trying to be supportive through difficult events

+ to taking care of myself:
-by being conscious of what I eat (most of the time)
-by putting thoughts and efforts into my portrait series
-by reading interesting books
-by getting to bed early (most of the time)

Still very appreciative of my word. Still not commiting to exercise though. That one's a toughie for me.

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