jeudi 5 février 2015

The many layers of an art journal page

My art journal pages are very different from one to the next. Some are very minimalist and fast and some are built layer by layer over a few days. This spread is of the second kind. I posted a few teaser shots on Instagram as I built up my layers.
Layer one : gluing down various pieces of paper.

Layer two : cover the papers with white gesso while letting some of the underlying paper peek through. Play with the texture of the thickness of the gesso.

Layer three : add some modeling paste through a stencil. This stencil is by Orly Avineri and you can get it through Stencil Girl here.

Layer four : lightly brush some ink on the dried modeling paste to bring up the stencil shape.

Layer five : draw some faces with paint and water. That takes us to the full spread.

When I started, I knew I wanted to use very little color in the spread and for a face and the pelvis to stand out. To get this effect, I lightly brushed my black archival ink onto the modeling paste. The blue ink you see all over the pages is Ranger Distress ink in Peacock Feathers.

I started out painting the woman's face. I used lots of water and then dropped some black gesso in it. I moved the water around the page before it could dry to get all those patterns and drips. This is a good exercise because you don't always get the look you want so it forces you out of your comfort zone.
That is when I noticed that the ink smears I had made had created this second face. So I just added a few strokes to pull him out of the background.

The writing always comes last for me. It's the final gesture for the spread.
I love how the water carried the paint in some areas and not in others.

This spread was done over the course of four days. Mostly because I had to go to work and sleep in between sessions!

How about you? Are you a quick journaler or a slooooow one? Does it depend on what you are saying in your page?

7 commentaires:

  1. I'm a slow journaler....
    J'aime construire ma page,souvent à l'inspiration,sans vraiment l'avoir «réfléchie» avant....
    J'aime bien ton travail avec le gesso...Je n'ai jamais essayé et cela me tente bien...Crois tu que l.on puisse le remplacer par de l' acrylique blanche?

    1. allo miss, je crois que le gesso est plus pratique que l'acrylique blanche car il a une texture plus 'rugueuse'. De plus, c'est mat. Donc ça donne vraiment une texture différente à la page.

  2. Vanessa, very curious about what 'glue' you use to adhere your layer together. Thanks.

    1. hi Arlyna! With these kinds of layers I use Matte Medium. It's easy to spread and you can coat the ephemera with it to seal it in. It's matte and that is really important for me. I buy the Liquitex brand because it's at my local art store. I definitely don't like Modge Podge - it stinks and isn't as matte (to my taste). Hope this helps!

    2. I need to try out this Matte Medium! Modge Podge is my nightmare.

  3. Layering is definitely one of the ways I'd like to push myself this year. I would like to find a way that suits me. I've always thought it made pages really busy, but you've done it in such a "light" way, although the content isn't light. I love everything you make, V.

  4. I've read this post of yours before but I'm enjoying it again today and I'm seeing how much I've learnt since I first came across it. Thanks so much for sharing your process, I'm off to get out my art journal!


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