vendredi 16 janvier 2015

Babes Send Things

Babes Send Things is a fun creative project I am participating in. I am a member of the Facebook group Babes Making Things, started by Kara Haupt and at some point, two members, Ashlee Bennett and Caitlin Metz, decided to found a creative club. You sign up, fill in a form and a partner is then asigned to you.
For the next 90 days, you are encouraged to make contact with your Babe and sent her things that you made yourself. The point is to encourage creativity, self-care and connections between women. There is a theme and an art medium suggested each month just to give you a starting point.
This is my first package for my partner! I can't wait to show you inside, but I'll wait until she gets it in the mail so I don't ruin the surprise. Babes Send Things will be opening up registration for the next round in February. You can check out what people are making by using the hashtag #babessendthings on Instagram and follow @babessendthings.

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  1. Creative activities include projects that serve a purpose even if that sole purpose is to offer stress relief and involve manipulating materials with your hands and thinking of how a product should look as well as giving it a practical use. Participating in creative activities encourages personal growth and helps a person reach his or her personal and professional potential.

    Kurt Bohling @ Philadelphia Mail Room


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