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Get Messy || 23 and November's prompt!

Oh how I love prompt reveal day! I really get a kick from seeing everyone's interpretation of the same theme. Here is our prompt for November (thought up by Andrea):
Journaling challenge: Pick one word that describes you right now. Just one word. 
Art challenge: Play with the word you picked. Use letter stickers, cut out your word from magazines and create a collage, write your word a hundred times on a piece of paper and use it as a background, use paint to write your word, … The main focus should be on your word.

Isn' this a great prompt? I find it really inspiring. I had a few words going through my head when I read this at the beginning of the month. but I wasn't sure yet which technique to use to highlight my word. Also, I knew that I would be going to my art journaling workshop in San Miguel the week before, so I figured I'd wait before making the spread. I'm so glad I did.

Without further ado, here is my take on the prompt:

gerund or present participle: teeming
  1. be full of or swarming with.
    "every garden is teeming with wildlife"
    synonyms:be full of, be filled with, be alive with, be brimming with, abound in, be swarming with, be aswarm with

Oh yes, that is the perfect word to describe me right now. I am teeming with ideas, with inspiration, with color, with life!

I hesitated between 'teeming' and 'brimming'. In the end I chose the first one because of the slightly darker, 'stepping-into-a-wild-jungle-full-of-surprises' feel that teeming has.

In light of that out-of-control feel, I decided that my word would be calm and highlighted against a busy and full background. I started by collaging a few paper pieces and adding some paint splotches. Once dry, I took out my Uni-ball Signo and doodled some wild flowers and plants all over.

I love the overall feel of it. Definitely illustrative of where I am right now. The woman below is from a painting by Diego Rivera. And I made sure to doodle lots of marigolds, which were plentiful in San Miguel.

Speaking of San Miguel de Allende, I'll be sharing my pages made during the workshop soon. Some are not quite done yet and I want to work on them a little before sharing. I learned so much and I am still putting words to some of the ideas and notions that came to me. I will put it all down in a post soon. I actually finished my 6th Moleskine in SMA, so this spread is in my new one. I still have to decorate the introduction page.

Thank you so much for coming by and taking a look. We Get Messians have quite a surprise coming next week, so please stay tuned! You could say that this group is also teeming with ideas, with possibilities, with passion!

Get Messy is an art journal challenge where a gang of crafty vixens are sharing art journal pages we have created to practise our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. We share our pages without restraint every week, and once a month we create around a prompt. Go check out these crazy talented ladies who are creating pages who each have a unique perspective and style. We will be sharing our work around social media so follow the hashtag #getmessyartjournal.

7 commentaires:

  1. These are really great pages. I love that painting by Diego Rivera, I am going to google the rest of it. Love your doodling. I have never heard anyone use the word teeming in reference to themselves. Interesting.

    1. thanks Sarah, it just came to me after feeling so full of good things

  2. this is beautiful... and your word is interesting just like you are!!!

    1. oh thanks dear Sharon, you're so sweet :)

  3. I actually can't put into words how much I love this page! I am so excited to watch the continued impact of your SMA trip on your work.

    1. thanks Delaney! I'm still processing all that color and life, that is for sure :)

  4. This is such a great way to interpret the prompt! Awesome.


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