dimanche 3 août 2014

It truly is a summer of love for me

My summer has been simply amazing. You can follow along on my IG feed if you are so inclined. I have been enjoying every minute of it, even the difficult or not so easy days. I lived every second of the end of our posting in Hong Kong. I appreciated every moment we lived during our stay in Gaspé. Right now, I am ridiculously happy in Montreal, my home town.

I wish it could be like this forever! This summer has been the one where we came home, saw old friends, revisited old haunts and showed our children so many new and exciting places. I am so grateful.

All this to say that if things are quiet on the blog, there are reasons. The ones listed above and the fact that I am still without my art supplies! Still, here are a few pages from my Summer of Love journal.

I've been hoarding this lovely pic of Lara Stone.

A prompt about the weather

I forgot to share these pages, made in Hong Kong. The prompt was to climb a tree and take pictures. Unfortunately, the trees in HK were off limits. Nevertheless, I took two Instax pics of my favorite tree there, the one we would walk by each day on our way to the bus stop.

I hope your summer is treating you nicely too.

2 commentaires:

  1. great pages. These make me want to start my own Summer of Love Minibook right now (not that I already have too many projects going on ;) )

    1. You scrapbook on the road is a great way to document your summer Andrea!


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