lundi 18 août 2014

30 days of lists - thinking about my approach

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that I love to participate in the 30 Days of Lists challenge. I was a regular sponsor of the event, although for this round all the spots were taken before I got a chance to apply. For more info on 30 Days of Lists, check out the website at This challenge is a perfect fit with the notebooks I make and sell in my Etsy shop.

To help me figure out my approach for this round, I took out all of my past notebooks and looked through them.

For my first round (Sept. 2012, the yellow striped notebook), I used a vintage color scheme and ephemera. I stamped the numbers and tried out various typography styles

For the March 2013, I went with a grey, red and black color scheme. I used the notebook with the pie charts on it. I carved my own giant number stamps and once again played with different types of writing.

For september 2013, I decided it would be all about paper layers and Instax photos. I wanted to bust my stash! This is one of my favorite pages, ever. This is the notebook with the months of the year written on it.

In December 2013, the gang did a special Christmas edition of 30 Lists. That was really fun! I have loads of Christmas themed notebooks and was glad to use one. I went with vintage imagery and ephemera from the December Daily kit from Studio Calico.

Last March, I decided I wanted to go with a floral, pastel, springtime look. I also really wanted to use my Project Life cards because the sheer quantity of cards I had was getting out of hand!

So that is a round up of my past 30 Days of Lists notebooks. For this round, I'm still thinking about what I want. I'm thinking bold colors and graphics. I also liked using the Project Life cards to write down the lists. Maybe I'll use my Plus One mini kit?
I'll keep you posted.

4 commentaires:

  1. Ooo la la! What a great recap. :) I can't wait to see what you come up with for September. See you in the FB group and the other social mediums, Vanessa!

    1. Thank you Thanh, hope to check out your lists too...

  2. What a great collection of lists. Beautiful. And the plus one cards would be perfect!

    1. It' ll depend on how many of the Plus One cards I am actually willing to use vs hoard ha ha


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