jeudi 10 juillet 2014

Art journaling workshop opportunity

If anyone out there is interested in exploring art journaling with two incredible artists and teachers - Orly Avineri and Rebecca Brooks - and want to do so in a wonderful Unesco setting in San Miguel de Allende Mexico, I invite you to check out this workshop happening in November. I will be there and, lucky for you, there are 4 spots available!

To check out Orly's work :

And Rebecca's :

I'd love an opportunity to learn and grow my skills alongside you :)

2 commentaires:

  1. dear vanessa,
    what could be more heart filling than sharing the courtyard of the endearing casa carmen creating together in gorgeous san miguel? orly is such a generous inspiring soul that i am quite certain pure magic will prevail! counting the days to be together, calling out for four more creatives to join us!

    1. I really hope it happens, such an inviting setting with these talented artists


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