mardi 29 avril 2014

Making stuff

It will be a little more quiet around here as I am making stuff all day everyday for the Handmade Hong Kong market. My shop, Vanessa's Fancy, will have a booth there (#5b!) on May 11th.

Acrylic happy hour!

Last week I had the chance to participate in an evening of acrylic painting with a friend of mine. There are a few places like this in Hong Kong, where everything is set up for you, including paints, canvas and access to a teacher. You just need to show up and start painting! Here are a few pictures of the painting I made, which I call 'We are made of stars'.

This next one is blurry, but it's the only picture I took of the painting in the studio.

Here it is when I brought it home. I didn't like the mouth, I thought it was pouty and pinched. So I changed it.

In this last picture, you can see her mouth has a slight smile, which I really like. I also tweeked her eyes.

Although it is far from perfect I,m quite happy with how it turned out. I love to participate in this kind of exercice because it takes you out of your comfort zone and helps you experiment and stretch your ideas. I came back to my art journal with some new ideas and that is always a good thing!

vendredi 25 avril 2014

Watercoloring my travels

As I've mentionned, I love to watercolor on the beach or while on vacation. Here are a couple of images from my recent vacation. I,ve been trying really hard not to outline everything with a black sharpie and just watercolor what I see.

I use a Sakura Koi watercolor travel set. For this trip, I was using a Moleskine watercolor journal. I'm not a big fan of the landscape orientation of these notebooks, but Moleskines are awesome, so I make do!

jeudi 24 avril 2014

April Gratitude - week 2

Here are the pages from week two of the April Gratitude project.

This last one came to me as I was watching the terrible news story about the South Korean Ferry disaster. Of course, the plight of MH370 is still very much at the forefront of my thoughts. All the time we were in Hong Kong, we were fortunate enough to have easy and safe flights all over this part of Asia.

mardi 22 avril 2014

Mini Vietnam travel journal

Hello all! I hope you had a wonderful Easter holiday. I've just returned from a very relaxing and much needed vacation in Da Nang, Vietnam. You may remember the little travel journal I made. It was quite a treat to fill it in while listening to the ocean waves. Here are a few pages from my journal to show you how I use these colorful notebooks. (I realised after posting them that these images are not of the best quality, but I am pressed for time - so sorry about the lack of focus in some of these images!)

I like to add in found papers, like the left page just above.

Whren the pattern on a paper seems a little overwhelming, I add labels or stickers and write on them.

Business cards are great to write on and also help ground the memory of what you were doing during your trip. By attaching them with washi tape, you can also flip up the cards and write on the back of it.

Sometimes, though, I love the paper too much to write on it :)

There you have it. Now that I am back I will be focusing on making stuff for the Handmade Hong Kong market that I am participating in on May 11th. But I'll still have lots to share here too.

vendredi 18 avril 2014

Play that song class

A sneak peak at the journal I made for the Play That Song Class over at Classes Kara Made. Once again, Kara has totally inspired me! You can find a similar journal here.

jeudi 17 avril 2014

I heart custom orders

It's true. I love it when a customer asks me to make something specifically for them, be it a notebook or a washi tape sampler. Last week I had the pleasure of doing both for a customer who has become an internet friend. She loves purple and wanted a notebook that had many pages of that color.

I had a look through my stash and found these lovelies, including pages from an old Rifle Paper calendar. After getting her approval, I bound them together and made this notebook.

It's on the way to her now, along with a special washi sampler I made just for her. She wanted the surprise so I won't show the sampler here. I hope she likes everything. I know I had a blast making her custom notebook. I welcome any such custom orders so please don't hesitate to ask me if you want something handmade just for you!

mardi 15 avril 2014

Handmade Hong Kong

On May 11th, my little shop, Vanessa's Fancy, will have a booth at the next Handmade Hong Kong market in Discovery Bay, Hong Kong.

These markets feature many vendors who are passionate about handmade products. It's the first time I've ever participated in this kind of activity and I am so excited! I've been making notebooks and upcycled books, hand stitched ornaments and other goodies. I can't wait to be there and to take it all in! I will be at booth number 5B, so do come and say hi if you are in Hong Kong.
Handmade HK Sunday May 11th, from 11 am to 6 pm.

lundi 14 avril 2014

Vietnam travel journal

We are travelling to Vietnam this week. I wanted to bring a small travel journal to jot down what we'd be doing each day. I decided to use the leftover paper from my big notebooks to make a small jotter. The pages are 3 x 4 and I bound them with the technique I used for my mourning journal.

I love how it turned out. I used both my paper scraps and my fabric scraps. I will be making many more of these to sell at the Handmade HK market. More about that tomorrow.

vendredi 11 avril 2014

Watercolor at the beach

We are lucky to have a few lovely beaches here in Hong Kong. The water isn't always clean, but the kids lobve to run around and stretch their legs. And I love to bring along my watercolor notebook and paint while they play. It's never thought out or even that good, but I love to do it. My favorite is painting sea glass and sea shells.


We are off on a family vacation to Vietnam in a couple of days. I will definitely be bringing along my watercolors.

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