samedi 1 mars 2014

Stupid things my parents told me

After completing my You Go Girl journal, I turned to the second class I enrolled in at Classes Kara Made : the Tell A Story class. This is a class that inspires you to create five different journals, each using a different technique to talk about something. For one of her journals, Kara uses an old record album holder and that inspired me to use a vintage photo album that was lying around.

Here is the story I chose to tell : Stupid things my parents told me.

The stickers were already there. I just added the image and the writing. I don't know any of the people in these pictures, they are vintage photos from various paper packs.

The tip of the iceberg concerning my body issues.

My mom, her relationship to food and my own relationship to food will be part of another journal.

Nice try dad.


This is so blantantly false and stupid! As if I would spend once second even thinking about my 'figure' two seconds after I've given birth. Yeesh.

Actually, it was in Archaeology.

The back flap was missing, so I simply added a piece of cardboard on which my daughter had drawn images about love.

I backed it with a piece of vintage wallpaper.

 There's one story down. More to come :)

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  1. I love this post and can identify with it. My parents seem to think it is OK to continually criticise how I look and specifically my weight . Recently my father said, ' Sarah! you are huge!' the moment he saw me, we don't live close to each other. He also said on another occasion, ' Sarah! you HAVE to do something about your weight.' My mother when she met me in London when I was 6 months pregnant proclaimed, ' Sarah! You are SO FAT!' It is impossible to eat with my parents without a constant conversation about weight, calories, weight gain and slimming. They are hugely critical of anyone who is fat, my father tells strangers on the street that they are overweight. It is outrageous. I have been on every diet out there. I have been on a diet since I was 10 years old. I am now 48 and I have stopped obsessing about my weight and I have stopped trying to lose weight. I am overweight but I have stopped hating myself and am not so overweight that I am about to be airlifted out of my bed. I am so keen for my son not to obsess about his weight although he is already saying that he has a fat face and covers the bottom half of his face in photographs. He is NOT AT ALL overweight. The pressure to be slim is overwhelming and my parents certainly added to this pressure. The only time I was acceptable to them was a. when I had an eating disorder (what a surprise) and b. when I had cholera. Parents criticisms certainly have the most impact.


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