lundi 13 janvier 2014

Adapting page protectors

Mini albums are relatively new to me. Before I went to Tokyo in November, I didn't know what would justify using the smaller albums. I would either fit everything into my regular Project Life album or I would have everything but the pictures in a travel journal. I did use one Handbook when I took the This Is Me class at Studio Calico last year, but I never caught the mini-album bug.

But then I went to Tokyo for 6 days and took hundreds of pictures. And then I went to Siem Reap for 4 days and also took hundreds of pictures. So, mini-albums were the way to go, they really are just right for documenting short trips.

The question became which type of album to use. I had a Studio Calico Handbook on hand from the December Daily kit. I also had my eye on the Basic Grey Capture albums. And my local scrapbooking store carries only the Simple Stories albums. Here is a shot of all three mini-albums side by side.

In the end, I used the Handbook for my Tokyo album, the Basic Grey to hold my stamps (thank you @rukristin for that idea!) and the Simple Stories for my Siem Reap trip. By the time I got to the Siem Reap album, I had lots of leftover page protectors from the other two manufacturers.

And since I had so many pictures that I wanted to include and I didn't want to spend more money or to wait again for shipping, I simply adapted the page protectors to the album I was using. For the Siem Reap trip, I was using the Simple Stories album. But I wanted to include the Basic Grey Capture paper dividers. I simply cut off the two extra inches at the top, added a hole and they fit perfectly.

For the pocket pages, the Studio Calico page protectors were the perfect fit, I only had to add a hole at the bottom to be able to insert them. The Basic Grey ones were too tall to fit, so I only used the ones with 6 3x3 pockets from that line. I cut off the top pockets and there you go. I like that you see the other page poke through.


Now since I was using page protectors from my stash, sometimes they didn't have the right number of pockets for what I needed. In that case, I simply ran them through my sewing machine to make sure I got the pocket configuration I needed. Easy.

Turning a 6 x 8 into two 4 x 6:

And a 6 x 8 into a 4 3 x 4:

I'm glad because in adapting the page protectors to the album, I was able to save money by not ordering more page protectors and I got to use up my stash for the win! I'm almost done completing the album, I'll be sharing pictures from it here this week.

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  1. Hi Vanessa,
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog post,
    nice to see yours, I love your sewn journals

    1. Dear Julia, I've been an avid fan of yours since I saw your lovely pages in the FB Art Journal group. It's so cool that you have found people to get together with and journal. That is something I've never done before. Thanks for taking a look at my blog :)


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