samedi 14 décembre 2013

Lists 13 and 14

So far, these two pages have been one of my favorite combo in my 30 Lists notebook. I'm a big fan of Christmas ephemera so I'm always so happy to have a place to put it.

List 13 : I get excited when. I am definitely still a kid at heart. What gets me excited at 38 is the same as what got me excited at 8. I love the idea of a whole new book (world) to explore, the promise of those written pages. When I'm planning an event (like my wedding 3 years ago, or my birthday that is coming up) I get really excited and think about it all the time. I also get super excited when I plan something for the kids (going to see a show or a great gift). unfortunately, most times, I'm more excited about the results than they are!
List 14 : stocking up on. Definitely stocking up on our view because we are leaving Hong Kong next summer and never again in my life will I have such a panorama so readily accessible. For my other two items...well, my kids are growing fast, so I try to hold on to the little moments and appreciate them as much as possible...

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