lundi 13 mai 2013

Bookbinding makes me happy!

I finally received my brand new bookbinding tool : a japanese screw punch. This tool helps to make clean, round holes in paper and in book spines. I gathered up some papers and my book covers.
I decided to start smaller than the book in the picture above, with a 6 x 8 book, an old white hymnal. I had to reinforce the inside part of the spine. I added some book tape.

Then I cut my papers to size.

And arranged them in signatures. A signature is made up of a certain number of folios. A folio is one page folded in two. For this book, I have 4 signatures of 7 folios each.

I did all my page preparation (folding and signature mounting) in one go.
Then I punched the holes for the binding.
In the leftover paper, I punched out labels and circles.

I even like the look of these scraps.

I then punched the holes in the spine of the book.

The screw punch makes really clean-edged holes and that makes the act of binding a lot faster and easier.

Here's how it looks all bound up. I learned this technique from Mary Ann Moss in her 'Full Tilt Boogie' course (follow the 'Dispatch from LA' link on the blog list)

I used a mix of old calendar pages, scrapbooking paper, watercolor paper, and tracing paper.

I left the inside covers bare so the person buying the book can cover them as they wish.

I love the result, fresh and colorful for summer. You can find this journal in my Etsy shop. Follow the link in the 'Etsy' tab at the top of the page.

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