jeudi 18 avril 2013

We are all with Boston

 I'm so very saddened by what has happened in Boston. I wonder who can do that? Who can be so cruel as to make sur that the maximum of completely innocent people get hurt or maimed? Why aren't more people around me reacting? I find it really difficult to accept that this kind of thing can happen and that we live in a world that doesn't condone such actions enough. Of course, I don't agree with people being bombed by drones in remote countries either. I don't like the fact that this is part of the realm of possibilities.
But I really take issue with someone planting a device whose sole goal is to hurt and maim as much as possible and to strike at families and children.

2 commentaires:

  1. Vanessa, I completely agree with your views about Boston. I just can't imagine, can't understand. It is so tragic. These people got killed and hurt for absolutely no reason. Senseless and horrible.

    On a lighter note, I really like your work and your are creating beautiful memories for your children!!! This is a really good idea and nicely executed!!

    1. thank you :) Art therapy is inexpensive and helps me deal and heal.


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