vendredi 6 janvier 2017

Get Messy Season of Gifts || 05

This week I came back to my Season of Gifts journal feeling refreshed and nourished after our amazing vacation in Australia. Then the airpocalypse happened. We have been in a cloud of pollution and bad air. So this has affected my mood. My journal makes me happy though so I am glad for the refuge it is for me.

This week we were exploring what of our lives we have given. We have learned that we will not be going back to Canada after our Beijing affectation, we will be transferred to Shanghai until 2021.

Though I am happy for my husband and for us as a family, I couldn't help but feel that this means the end of my career as an archaeologist. Maybe I am wrong, maybe it's this funk; but it doesn't feel like there are many opportunities left for me professionally in my chosen field.

So that is what I have given of my life. Does it feel like a sacrifice? yes. Absolutely. It will never sit well with me. But I am also able to recognize the opportunities that this life has given me, not least of which is the chance to cultivate and develop my artistic side.

On a lighter note, I really enjoyed the look of the cut out hand that Nina shared on the Get Messy blog. So here is my take on it.

The fabric I used is one I have had in my stash for a long time. I love it. 

As you may remember, flowers are symbol that I use a lot in my work as metaphors for gifts or blessings. The ornaments on the right come from a Christmas card we were given.

And I love love love the pop of colour that the cut up ribbon gives to my page!

I am so happy with what I have discovered in this Season. It's great to explore new mediums and techniques.


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  2. oops managed to delete my comment doh!

    I just wanted to say that I really hope this isn't true - and that it would be a massive loss to your field if so, archeology deserves your brilliance and spirit!
    My sister is an academic and has had to turn down several great job opportunities because her husband is a more senior academic with a great permanent job he can't move from. It's so heartbreaking to me as a feminist how often this happens.

    But your creative genius gives me hope! You produce amazing art work that has enormous impact and inspires so many people. I chose my word of the year 'Do' partly because I am so inspired by your productivity and creativity after followin your blog for only a few months, and by work that is beautiful AND challenging. You are a flourishing feminist super hero!!
    big hugs and I wish I could blow the smog away from Beijing with a giant feminist bellow/roar too ; )

    1. ah Ta Le, I can't thank you enough for this. It really helps to know that people feel like I do. It's so hard a situation, it often gets me down. This is why art journaling is so important to me. I am SO HAPPY that you are inspired by this space. That is also really important to me, that the work we do resonates with fellow women and artists. Thank you for this, I hope your word DO leads the way for you this year! xo

  3. Oh V, I can totally understand that heartbreak. But I also know that you are the strongest woman I've met and you will make it all work for you in some way. Go you strong woman. And you artwork of course is amazing - as always. xxxx


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