mercredi 30 novembre 2016

Lunacy Phases | 03

Last week, both Robyn and I were travelling, so we skipped our Lunacy Phases project. But we are back full force this week. I really enjoy this type of art journaling! 

The Maiden:

'Poupée' means doll. We tend to think little girls are fragile, pretty things but they are also very strong especially in their sense of self.

My daughter is in a hurry to grow up! But I want to tell her that it's ok to be a girl, a teen and not jump ahead too fats.

The Mother:

The image above addresses the fact that we are often selfless as mothers and forget that taking care of ourselves is also very important. 'Self' card by LifeLovePaper.

The mother is also about being a woman, about letting yourself be open to love and commitment. This line in The Little Prince is one of my favourites: 'But if you come at just any time, I shall never know at what hour my heart is to be ready to greet you. We needs rituals''.

The Crone:

Accepting one's sensuality/sexuality. That it is complex, complete, deep and good.

The image of the purple hat comes from a story I read about a woman wanting to wear a purple hat that she loves. But she never wears it because she fears she'll damage it or lose it, but really it's because she's afraid of what others will say. And then she becomes older and doesn't care anymore and wears it and it brings her so much joy. So there. Don't wait, just wear that hat!

Yes, that is me, the keeper of stories.

Just a few pages left in these.

Thank you for stopping by.

mardi 29 novembre 2016

December Vibes | a photo prompt project with Julia

Hello all. I know December is super busy. There is lots to document, people to see, presents to wrap, lists to make, etc. But, isn't the end of the year so much fun to capture? When you dedicate a moment to actually documenting what surrounds you, doesn't that allow you to press pause even for just a moment?

This is how Julia and I have approached this project. Last year, we documented our December using some simple photo prompts. We are doing it again this year. It will be very interesting to see how different our photos will be with her in Leeds and myself in Beijing and Sydney.

You are invited to play along! We will be posting under the hashtag #decembervibes on Instagram and would love to see your take on these prompts.

lundi 28 novembre 2016

Pages from the Get Messy live event

Hello lovelies. There have been so many amazing pages that came out of the art journal game we played live in the Get messy Facebook Group. It is so so cool to see how different everyone's pages are even though we all followed the same prompts. Thank you to everyone who participated. I will let their work do the talking. If you have created a page and I forgot to add it, just send me a link and I will update it.






















I mean, how inspiring is this?! Goddesses.

samedi 26 novembre 2016

V's 52 Pick-Up || 48

As I mentioned last week, we are revisiting old themes in the final chapter of this poem. This week we see the return of the Tarot.

''Falling towers''. The Tower is a very strong card in the Tarot. It indicates sudden change, a breaking of illusions, a complete upheaval.

Let's see them now the towers of the great cities, destroyed.

I just love that zeppelin image.

I had a blast constructing these imaginary towers and the violet bursts.

Thanks for stopping by!

samedi 19 novembre 2016

V's 52 Pick-Up || 47

The final part of The Waste Land often comes full circle and reprises the themes from the first part of the poem. We have seen this with the cracked earth and the lack of water. And now with the return of the theme of the Great War.

The 'maternal lamentation' and the 'hooded hordes' evokes for me images of the battlefields from the dawn of humanity but culminating in the First World War.

Here they are, the hordes swarming over endless plains.

See the Mother, lamenting the loss of these souls?

See the multitudes crushed beneath their feet? See the ruined cities?

Truth be told, the photos of the crowd that I cut up were from a postcard of the royal wedding, Elizabeth II's wedding!

vendredi 18 novembre 2016

Get Messy Season of Dreams flip through

Here is a flip through of my Dreams / Nightmares journal. I skipped some pages because the paper wasn't quite mixed media friendly. And I have some trouble after I turned it, but in any it is!

jeudi 17 novembre 2016

Facebook Live event with Get Messy

I had the honour of leading a live event today in the private Get Messy Facebook group. It was so much fun to interact with creatives this way! Here is my final spread.

We had lots of fun working from the same prompt techniques.

I am working in my ginormous A3 Moleskine journal. I am loving the freedom of this size although sometimes it's overwhelming!

Love how the packing tape transfer image of this woman turned out.

Bits of the loose page we did.

I added some modelling paste that I ran through one of Orly Avineri's stencils.

And a photo with my hand for scale!

Thank for playing along!

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