mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Magic / Introspection Redux || 3

This is the last week of Jaimee and I's joint project, Introspection Magic Redux. I have thoroughly enjoyed this and would recommend this type of project to anyone wanting to jump back into their work. I have used this journal to help me develop some techniques for my upcoming Totems class.

This week I focused on two Introspection promots, Tears are words that need to be written” and the notion of female intuition. I have found that I really like combining prompts.

This is my first spread. So for me, the idea of choosing which flowers to put in my hair is a metaphor for feeding the different emotions I carry. This links to last week's "feeding the wrong wolf" idea.

But this time I want to emphasize the good wolf, or wear the flowers, not the thorns.

The right page is under a vellum sheet so I cut out the area over the mouth to let the page underneath show through.

That is female intuition for you! Connection to people, to the world around us. When you know, you know! Here is how it looks when you turn the vellum page.

I added some threads to the face because this is a visual element that links this spread with the very first ones in my journal. I like the idea of a visually cohesive journal.

My second spread is all about a woman and artist that Jaimee and I both admire: Frida Kahlo.

I used a lot of the fabric I brought back from my workshops in San Miguel de Allende.

Frida, I am sure, cried a lot of tears. But she was also incredibly resilient a d strong. She was an amazing person and loved fiercely, even when that love was hurtful to her.

I used Tanyalee's tutorial for this watercolour portrait and I loved it. 

The flowers in her hair and her garden around her are visual elements that bring back to my previous spread. So the aesthetics are different but the subject similar.

finished my journal by painting the back cover and adding some stream of consciousness writing around the crystal ball.

So there you have it. I'm super grateful to Jaimee for having reached out about trying something different. And I'm extra grateful to you for reading this and taking the time to comment.

xoxo V

mardi 27 septembre 2016

Circus Zine

We zined Essie! We just couldn't help it. It was funny because we enlisted Misty as our collaborator, but were busy making her a zine at the same time! In any case, the theme was Circus.

I made the base and I used some images from a theater company that had a very circus-y look to them.

It was fin to have a great visual base to work with already. The left page is mine, as are the birds on the right. The other elements seem to be Katie's (?).

Incredible that even after working so much together, I am sometimes unsure of who made what!

 The above right page is mine. I like a the different directions this zine went...just like life!

I didn't do anything on that last page but I just love how it looks! I am having internet issues so I can't link everyone because I am on my phone. Hopefully, I'll be able to sort all of that out soon. Please take a look at Essie's blog, as well as Julia, Katie and Misty's! 

lundi 26 septembre 2016

September 30 Days of Lists || 19-24

I have to say that even though I love this mini book, I think I will go back to a bigger size next time :) How about you? Are you happy with the notebook or style of listing you have chosen?

These last two lists are all about the compliments HA!

samedi 24 septembre 2016

V's 52 Pick-up || 39

I think we are a little breathless following last week's card! Unfortunately, our narrator Tiresias hasn't changed his tone when describing the aftermath of the goings on between our tired typist and cocky lover.

It seems that she is so immersed in the waste land that she hardly has the time or the faculty to form an actual train of thought.

She glad it's over; there is very little passion there. Eliot's bleak view of the human condition: ignorant people, half alive, unable to even see for themselves the sorry state they are in. They need a blind prophet to do that.

Here she then, our typist, surrounded by the half-formed thoughts that hardly take root in her mind. 

Notice the barely veiled reference to Pearl Jam's Evenflow? As always, thank you for taking this journey with me.

mercredi 21 septembre 2016

Introspection / Magic Redux || 2

I'm still going strong with revisiting favourite prompts from the Season of Magic and Introspection alongside Jaimee. Actually, one of today's pages includes a direct reference to her! For today, I focused on two prompts: name your shortcomings (from Introspection) and the magic in you (from Magic).

In the centre of my journal, I bound this cardstock box (it actually held pastries). The shape of it reminded me of a butterfly, which lead me to the idea of metamorphosis and change...something I am thinking a lot about lately.

I added these beautiful butterflies from Candy Gears on Etsy. I stapled their bodies only so you can move the wings (they are double sided). Below is a blind self-portrait.

For the underside of the butterfly, I took a prompt out of Zinia's Scrap Collage class and used some of my well-hoarded scraps to make the butterfly wings. This side has tones of dark green and purple.

The other side is lighter, with pink, gold and florals.

This left page is all about my shortcomings. On the flap I used a scrap of paper that I had dyed myself and on which I had put some affirmations.

On the woman and under the flap are some images of wolves. This is where Jaimee's story about her wolf tattoo. It is a Cherokee legend where an old man tells his grandson of two wolves living inside him and fighting, one bad and one good. He explains that the one that will win is the one that is fed.

I used a packing tape transfer, more of that paper and some scraps that were fitting. It is true that I often feed the wrong wolf, forgiveness is very hard for me and I never forget anything. In that sense I think i hold on to things too long. I am trying to change that,

The right page is for the magic within me prompt. On the flap I used some imagery that reminds me of the hierophant card from The Wild Unknown deck and of my workshops in Mexico because that is where these elements come from. I learned so much during that time, about how to tap into my own magic.

The flap opens to reveal a more glittery fairy, one that lets in the light. Basically, like the moon, my mood and my magic is constantly shifting.

Thanks for coming by! Still very enchanted by this project and I thank Jaimee for sharing some of her stories with me. Please make sure you check out her pages on her IG feed.

mardi 20 septembre 2016

The Artist Zine

The Zine Squad has struck again. Our latest victim is Misty! We decided the theme would be 'Artist' and we enlisted the lovely Clare as our contributor. Here is a look at my pages. For this first double spread, I tried to keep the right page loose and abstract, in opposition to the right one.

This is a collaborative spread. My page is on the right. I listed some of my favourite supplies. On the left is Julia's page - I think!

I was the one to make the base for the zine, so I used some gelli printed pages that I had on hand. This adds an extra kick as there is already some texture and colour on the page. My page is on the right and Clare made the one on the left.

This time, I made the page on the left and just put the colourful strip on the right page. I love leaving pages unfinished for the other squad members to fill up!

Another really cool collaboration. Love that last page by Katie!

Please take a look at Julia's, Katie's, and Clare's work. And check out Misty's blog as well!

lundi 19 septembre 2016

September 30 Days of Lists || 11-18

Who else thinks that September is going by way too fast?! here are my lists 11 to 18.

This is where the accordion book ends and I continue the lists on the backside. I added the date on the back cover.

 That movie casting was fun!

samedi 17 septembre 2016

V's 52 Pick-up || 38

You may remember that last week, Tiresias was observing a woman who was awaiting a mysterious guest. Well, he has arrived. It turns out he is one of those men who thinks highly of himself - although in Tiresias's opinion, he doesn't have much reason to think this way.

This man has come to visit our typist and, once the meal is finished, has but one thing on his mind. Sex.

It is quite a pathetic scene that Tiresias narrates. Bored, self-indulgent, ignorant people having sex and not really enjoying it, just looking for something to do. 

I wanted my card to reflect the burning desire that could have been shared by these two people. The words come from a love letter written in the 50s. The excerpts read 'I want to hold you' and 'I want you'. 

That's more like it don't you think?

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