lundi 11 juillet 2016

100 Explorations by V | 61-80

It's funny how my feelings about my project change throughout the 100 days. There are only 20 days left and I am in love with my project again. Because of my move to China, my Explorations are all packed and on their way in the container. I photographed them in one go so I could still share them with you.











How is your project going? Are still enthused by it?

2 commentaires:

  1. I feel that my project is going GREAT! I've been creating a new collage every morning - fresh, no ideas or thinking about it the day before. I am looking forward to the end (I think!), but I am so loving the 100 day project. What I have been missing out on is actually journalling - I am filling my usual journalling time with my collage project before work every morning. I am looking forward to getting back into that little book, to journal, tangle, add collage, whatever is next. Still excited after doing day 83 today! Note to self, next time you plan on doing a 100 day project, be sure to have a book that has 100 pages in it, not 80 - I'm getting really good at tip-ins. Thanks for letting me share here and I've love seeing your creations over on IG. Amy #100daysofcollagebyado

  2. Next year if I try the 100 day project I'm asking for advice first, because for the second time I managed to not finish! Your project really highlights what can happen if you persevere ! Thanks for sharing it with us V.


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