lundi 15 février 2016

30 Days of Lists || March 2016 edition

Hey Listers! The next challenge is just around the corner. I prepared my notebook and am good to go. I went with something different for the cover this round:

Yes, a real library book pocket that was on the back of a used book. The genuine article!

 I put the alphas on a handmade card given to me by Andrea, the colors fit so perfectly.

Here is a peek and the inside pages. As you can see I went for full-on patterns and colors. I'm still not sure yet about what my approach will be, but I'll figure it out as I go along. I sometimes wish I was a minimalist Lister with lots of empty space and muted colors.... but it's just not me.

I'm wondering if I should go with layers, journal cards or list paper. Or bold lettering. Maybe lettering on gesso... I'm open to suggestions!

From this page on, the patterns repeat. If you'd like a similar notebook, I have a few in my Etsy shop here. Remember that Listers get a 35 % discount! If you want to register for this round of 30 Days of Lists, click here or go to I hope you'll join us.

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