jeudi 28 janvier 2016

The last Get Messy Thursday...and a 52 portraits class

I know that title is a bit dramatic! But I've been consistently posting art journal pages on Thursdays since June 2014, so it's kind of a big deal. When the next Season of Get Messy launches on Monday, we'll be posting on Fridays. This will give us a little breathing room. I'm excited for it because I sometimes like to take my time and the extra day will ensure that I don't feel rushed.

I have two very different spreads to share. The first one came out after I read Flora Bowley's Brave Intuitive Painting. Sorry about the lighting.

The idea in the book is to start without a plan, letting your intuition guide you. You work on different layers, turning the painting so you don't get too attached and keep building up in this way.

This is hard for me because 1- I get super attached to what I'm making or to the paper and ephemera that I am using and 2- I usually have an idea of what I want to make because this is a spread in my art journal i.e. I have something to say about something.

So I mixed a lot of Flora's techniques and notions, with my direction and intuition. I was thinking of the 44 refugees that drowned last week. I was thinking of their stories that are now drowned in the sea. The sea as keeper of these stories, these people, their dreams, their griefs, their lives. All lost now.

So this is what came out. As per my habit, I'm getting lost in the details. I really enjoyed working this way and will try to push further next time.

The second spread is way different. Once again, I wish I had better light! 

This idea came to me as I was driving home. Thinking about how you can be so hurt and miss someone and then all of a sudden realise that the pain isn't that sharp anymore.

 And so it goes.

This self-portrait started out like this.

Before ending up like this.

And speaking of self-portraits...I am thrilled to announce that V's 52 portraits, my year-long photographic project, has been transformed into an e-book. It features 52 prompts to explore yourself through self-portraiture. I learned so much from doing this project and I am so excited to bring you this class. It will be available in the Get Messy shop on Monday.

Caylee and Lauren both put in so much time and effort into this project. They even took time out of their family vacations to work on this class. It was truly a collective effort. I am so grateful to both of them for being so forthcoming and just plain amazing humans.

This class is perfect for those of you who want to start a year long project but are unsure if inspiration will be there throughout the year. Use this printable book as a jumping off point or follow the prompts scrupulously, it's up to you. You could even art journal these prompts if you prefer not to photograph yourself. The sky is the limit!

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  1. I love your sea painting and can really relate to your "someone I used to know" pages as well. Also - very excited for your portrait class!!!!!! GO YOU xo

  2. I really love your sea painting as well as the story behind it (so very sad)...I love the idea of turning the page around as you layer...very interesting concept, may just have to try that one!
    In your new 52 Portrait e-book as well as prompts do you offer any tips on actually taking the photos...yours always look so amazing with perfect lighting etc - as well as a perfect subject of course!!! xx

    1. actually, yes I do for a couple of them (like how to photograph blowing glitter or how to get a high contrast shot). But for the most part, the prompts are the focus of the book. That way you can so these portraits how you want to and they don't have to be exactly like the ones I did. Thank you for your sweet words Gilly!

  3. V, such a powerful rendition of the sea. I adore it. I am also excited about the ebook. I struggle so much with self portraits because I rarely think of my age until I see a photo and it doesn't match wants in my head. I never thought I was vain and I never thought I would struggle with my age. I hope this project will help me work through all that. I am so glad to know you and see your work. Take care.😘

    1. Everything you just said Melody is a big huge DITTO for me. I never EVER thought I'd struggle with my age... but suddenly, I am. In my head, I still look the same as I did 10 years ago... then I see a photo, and I want to cry sometimes. Hoping this class will help me, also!! Looking forward to trying.

      Kimi Barrios (blog in progress!)

  4. I'm thrilled to learn more about your 52 Portraits project -- how wonderful! Both these spreads are really beautiful and moving. I could especially relate to the "somebody I used to know" bit. Thanks for sharing your work. xx E.

  5. I love these pages, Vanessa! The painting is beautiful and sad and the other page is so expressive of a thing I think most of us have experienced.
    Congratulations on the class! It sounds so, so great! I'm gonna have grab a copy cause I struggle with inspiration when it comes to self portraits.

  6. The portrait class sounds awesome! Your portraits last year were so inspiring.

  7. I borrowed that book too, I loved the ideas but wasn't good at it at all! Maybe some other time. Your pages are a bit heart breaking and beautifully so.

  8. I second what Emily said. Beautiful. I love your painting, and your "somebody I used to know" spread really struck a chord - the portrait, but especially the sentiment brought tears. Always so real & always so inspiring, Vanessa. Xoxo


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