vendredi 29 janvier 2016

Project Life pages || September to December

I finished my 2015 album! I love this project so much. I have to admit that I'm unsure about what to do about sharing my album pages. I'm totally in love with my album and the pages I make, but it's a lot of work to photograph the different spreads. And I get the feeling that this isn't why most of come to my blog. Like maybe I'm the only one who gets so excited of seeing my pages (which is totally ok).

Anyway, food for though, I may share just my faves for 2016, we'll see. In the meantime, here are my favorites from September to November:

I love  mixing my Studio Calico and my A Beautiful Mess kits. they go so well together.

Skipping to December! I don't do a separate album for December Daily but I do get the kits. This year I got the Ali Edwards kit with Ashley Goldberg's add-on kit.

I love mixing up all the colors.

I managed to fit in my favorite 6 x 8 papers into my album!

I also love adding seasonal ephemera, like the green bag that I added on the left page.

Love doing this : on one side the 3 x 3 grid and on the other, a full 9 x 12 page.

I did a daily December photo project (with Julia) and I decided to use the numbers from Ashley Goldberg's add-on paired with my take on the photo prompt. I added those pages at the end of my album.

The final page : Dec 31st. 

And that's a wrap!

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  1. I'm totally on board for you to keep posting PL in 2016 - I love the rich colors and details here! I'm so impressed that you keep this up alongside all your amazing art journaling.

    1. thank you Anna! That is very encouraging :)


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