lundi 30 novembre 2015

How I'm documenting December

Every year I get so excited to document December that I buy a kit (and a half) and want to use everything in it. The thing is, even though the 6 x 8 albums are so cute, I have a lot of space left in my 'regular' Project Life album. I couldn't just leave it half filled and I can't start 2016 in the same album as 2015. 

So....I'm going to put the stuff in my 9 x 12 album. I'm going to figure out how to use the 6 x 8 papers in my bigger album, it'll be a nice challenge. I bought Ashley Goldberg's December Daily add-on specifically for these numbers. At first, I wanted to use them in my 30 Days of Lists album, but now I have another plan.

I'm going to combine them with these December photo promts. I saw these on Julia's Pinterest and really like them. I jotted them down on my DD list pad.

They should look lovely throught my album, no? I'm also documenting December with 30 Days of Lists. I love these prompts because they always offer me a new twist on documenting the season.

You can click on the 30 Days of Lists icon on the right sidebar for more information. How are you documenting December?

dimanche 29 novembre 2015

V's 52 portraits || 48

My Chinese name

In seven months, we are moving to Beijing. For real. I have so enjoyed being back in Canada, working in my field, being close to friends and family, that I have been putting off the necessary preparations for our move. Namely, I need to learn some Mandarin. My husband has been doing so for a year and a half. His dedication is exemplary. He has offered numerous times to teach me, but I have been closed off. I'm afraid of starting then forgetting it. I like to dive completely into something to learn it, especially since this amounts to a fourth language for me, one that I find very daunting. But if I don't get started, it will make my adaptation that much more difficult. So I am trying to change my attitude. To be more open even though it's not easy. It's all because I grow roots. I get attached to places, things and people. It takes me a while to upend those roots and plant them elsewhere. 

This is my Chinese name. 'Wen' is a beautiful word, it means litterature, words, culture. 'Sha' written in this manner has the character for grass and water (my element) and means gentleness among other things. For me it means my roots, the part of me I carry around the world. 'Wen Sha' is Vanessa. I think my name is beautiful in Chinese and that there will be more inspiring words like this. So I should get over the obstacles that I am putting in my own way and just start,

vendredi 27 novembre 2015

My 30 Days of Lists December notebook

I thought I'd share my notebook base for this December's 30 Days of Lists. I always use this kind of notebook, which you can also find in my Etsy shop here. I love this size because they are 6 x 8 and have exactly 30 pages, 32 with the cover. Perfect.

Here is my base for Dec 2015:

From here, the pages repeat. I'm looking forward to playing in this book and to using up my extensive (oups!!) Christmas/Holiday ephemera. I've already started using leftover bits on my cover.

If you lookm closely, the 1 for 15 is actually an 'i'. Make it work, that is what I say!!! Thanks for coming by!

jeudi 26 novembre 2015

Get Messy Season of Magic || 02

This Season has started off with a bang for me. Magic is a big part of my daily existence and I am very glad to be delving into its imagery for these prompts. Here is the first spread, for the dark/light magic prompt.

Same one, with the flap open.

I hold this to be true. Censorship is never a good idea in my view. It shows the weakness of your position if you are so scared of a little thing called knowledge bringing it all crashing down around you. Better to let people make up their minds and discuss it afterwards.

The whole witch hunt thing is a perfect example of men destroying what they feel they cannot control. There is still too much of that going on even now.

A closer look at the flap witch.

I shared a teaser of this one this weekend. My Mystic Jackalope came by.

Paired with the perfect song lyrics by Unkle.

I got this washi paper in a store in Tokyo. They have been making it since 1794.

 This is my bright fairy spread.

Unfortunately, the glitter I added on top of all the pages made the paper ripple. I was slightly bummed at that. Still pretty though.

The flap opens to reveal these other images.

 That strip of pink/red is from my last spread. The paint leaked through and I love it.

The photo of the boy with the fireflies is artwork by Ray Ceasar.

And my final spread is for the litterature prompt. I do have a thing for a dark and brooding bad guy....Marten Broadcloak/Randall Flagg, Roland Deschain, Loki, Dracula, Alcide Herveaux, etc. 

Oh yes.

Thanks for coming by!


Get Messy Art Journal is gang of crafty vixens who are sharing art journal pages we have created to practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. We support and encourage one another on this journey of creating and learning and we would love for you to join us too

mardi 24 novembre 2015

Shop update

So much new stuff in the shop for you!

First, paper packs : there are two new kinds. A map pack with vintage French language maps from an old Atlas.

...and a vintage paper pack that holds different sized pages in French and English. Perfect for collage and art journaling.

I also have two new upcycled journals, made from old book covers.

They are bound through the spine and are made with scrapbooking and other specialty papers.

Finally, for December Listers and December Daily enthusiasts, I have all your Christmas/Holiday needs covered! First these notebooks:

I also have four Christmas Creativity packs. These are filled with ephemera, fabric, paper, cards of all sizes, stickers, tags and embellishments. Perfect for your albums.

Please come take a look and find something pretty. Just click here : Vanessa's Fancy.

lundi 23 novembre 2015


Being part of the Zine Squad is absolute fun. We are three core members, Julia, Katie and I and we like to collaborate with another person and make zines. We then choose a victime and create around a theme that goes with that person. Our latest endeavour is a vintage style zine for Karen called Zintage. Our collaborator on this one is the lovely Patricia (@questionable7 on IG)

Here are the pages I worked on. For this first one, my page is on the right and Julia's on the left.

I created an flap that you can open up.

This one is all me:

This one is all me too (except for the writing which comes from a LifeLovePaper printable)

And some pretty glitter that I stuck to the page with packing tape on the right! The left page I thought was by Julia, but apparently not! Maybe Katie?

It is great fun to see how our styles mix together. We usually make it so we have 4 to 6 pages each. We try to each make at least one double spread and then do single ones after that. I really love being a part of this squad. Please take a look at the other pages by clicking the names in the first paragraph.

samedi 21 novembre 2015

V's 52 portraits || 47


'We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars' - Oscar Wilde

I am an apostate. As such, I do not believe in all powerful entity that will save us. I don't believe we should wage war in the name of said entity in order to prove that this entity is better than this other one. Instead, I believe in humanity. I believe that as a collective whole we can rise above our pettiness and build something meaningful and lasting. Because I believe this, the world in which we are living in now often disapoints me. I feel collective failures deeply. I am saddened by civil wars, children sleeping in forests and washing up on beaches, people being exploited as slaves, racism, fear of otherness, women being told what to do with their bodies, being kidnapped or stoned to death, uncurable genetic diseases, climate change and the list goes on. But I remain an optimist. I am sure that we can and will be something more. I just may not be here to see it come to fruition. 

jeudi 19 novembre 2015

Get Messy Season of Magic || 01

Do you believe in magic? Then come forth my friend. Let's dive in.

For this Season, I am using a handmade art journal that a friend of mine gave me in San Miguel. It is the same as the one she was using there and a completely new format for me. The pages are sturdy watercolor paper and they have all been gessoed already. This is also new to me as I don't usually automatically gesso pages.

I'm in love with the cover of this journal and looking forward to taming this new format.

The pages open up nicely and lay quite flat. I welcomed some of my Unfinished Spirits in the first spread. I haven't seen them since my 100 Day Project at the beginning of the year.

Because of the gesso on the pages, the ink and water combinations reacted differently than what I was expecting.

And I love it because it was so enticing to have that measure of unpredictability.

These faces. I was thinking about all of the lost ones. From the Paris attacks. From the civil war in Syria. From the actions of Boko Haram.

It's important to see these Dead. To know that they had lives, that they lived. That all of their lives count, whether they are Arab, Christian, Black, Jewish, Buddhist, old, young, diabetic. It all matters.

I am glad they showed up in my art journal.

This spread shows what I love about this journal:

Yes, there is a flap!

Every second page there is a flap that you can open up. This adds to the double page spread nicely!

My answer to the first prompt is that I see magic in being a woman. In being female, feminine, feminist and human.

 I feel a connection to the women around me (and I don't mean just physically around me). I feel this thread of continued experience linking me to them and them to me.

There is certainly an alchemical componant to being a woman. Something that has confounded and frightened men for centuries and provoked certain actions on their part against women. Like burning witches. 

All women share this strong essence, whether they are old or young. There is something about holding the world in your body that makes us truly powerful. It is even more powerful when you own every single experience you have been through. When those experiences are accepted as building blocks to who you age. When you gracefully embrace each age, each period of the life you are walking through.

And we are just so interesting, don't you think?


Get Messy Art Journal is gang of crafty vixens who are sharing art journal pages we have created to practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. We support and encourage one another on this journey of creating and learning and we would love for you to join us too

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