vendredi 31 juillet 2015

My travel journal kit

Hey! Tonight I am off for a three week vacation. I cannot wait! I thought I'd share what I'm bringing along with me. I have two projects going on during this time : my watercolor nature sketchbook (#blueskyinthewild) and Get Messy's Season of Serenity.

To carry my stuff in and because I don't want to bring too much, I'm using this old plastic carrying folder thingy. I've had it since high school.

It is sturdy and about 8 1/2 by 11 and 2 inches deep, so a good size. As you can see, I've often used it as a table while I'm glueing stuff.

So here is everything I'm bringing with me. So much paper goodness! I went through my stash with the theme of our season (Serenity) in mind and pulled out what appealed to me. Then I culled out a few pieces and came up with this lot.

On the left, I have a few magazine pages, full ones and snippets too. I chose some vintage photos to bring along. On the bottom right are a few watercolor paper strips, left over from when I made my art journal. I used some mist and watercolor on them.

I also have some Japanese paper (chiyogami) and different types of transparencies, including some photos I printed on vellum.

In the middle are some papers I got from paper packs by LifeLovePaper and Katie Licht. I also have some vintage wallpaper there.

I'm also bringing one of my favorite supplies : tissue paper! I have four brushes, two washi tapes, some scissors, my Sakura watercolor travel set and the Peerless one my friend Cynthia gave me (under the Sakura). The roll of packing tape is a staple. I use it to seal in flowers, sequins and to make packing tape transfers.

I managed to fit it all in my folder! I'll be bringing along a few acrylic paints. The Payne's Gray (my favorite color) and Titanium White I will put in smaller containers.

The book with 'Art' on it is my art journal. Beneath it you see my Rustic Artisan by Blue Sky papers. The rabbit pouch holds all of my tools.

After I took these photos, I realised I had forgotten the pens! Here they are (top to bottom) : Sharpie Pen, Uni-Ball signo (I may bring a white one too), Varsity pen (with watersoluble ink) and my Pentel brush.

I am good to go! Take a look at my Instagram feed for my daily adventures. I'll be blogging here regularly too.

(for some reason my photos are slightly out of focus. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to reshoot them, sorry about that!)

An added note : I'm going analog for this trip!

On the left my brand new / old polaroid and on the right, my grandfather's Nikkormat. I can't wait!

jeudi 30 juillet 2015

Get Messy Season of Serenity || 01

This Season is starting out with a massive dose of self-reflection and deep digging within ourselves. This is something that appeals to me and it is how I approach my art. I hope you'll come along.
My first spread is about the Divine. I was so inspired, the Muse was definitely with me. I took my time and let the pages come together.

So for me, the Divine is all around. There is no one person, persons, deities, entity that encompasses or controls or creates everything. I think this is called being Pantheist, but I am not sure yet since I only recently discovered that word/concept.

I do try to live the life I love and vice versa, because it is your one and only life. And if it isn't, it's the one and only life you'll consciously live or the only one you will live as the person you are. So don't waste it being afraid or waiting for the right moment.
For me, ancestors, animals, plants, time, the universe and all that is in it is imbued with this energy that flows. My Mystic Jackalope came by and those flowers are actually a napkin!

I feel that everything is connected. Someone close to me said something that really touched me before he died. He grew up catholic, but in the end he said this to us : 'Heaven and Hell, I don't belive in any of that. But I have a flame right here [points to his heart] and I am convinced that it will go on even when my body is done.' These were some of his last coherent words before he passed away and they will always resonate with me.

My second spread is the Goddess one. As you know I was completely surprised that Instagram banned the Goddess hashtag and it was a total fluke that this happened as the same time as these prompts (or was it a fluke!!?!!). Anyway, I would love for our amazing art journal pages to create a tidal wave of beauty and feminity and bring back the Goddess on Instagram. This is my manifesto.

I did the test that Gill shared on the FB page. Surprisingly, I was Aphrodite, with Athena in second place. Like many others, I thought Aphrodite (or Venus) was just the Goddess of Beauty and Love. But reading up on her, some elements of her description resonate with me.
For example: «Media exploitation of Aphrodite’s sacred image--and the resulting schizophrenic urges to both deny [censorship] sensual beauty & pleasure while crudely lusting [graphically degrading pornography]». Isn't it ironic that IG banned #Goddess because they judged that there was too much porn? Shouldn't they ban those accounts or put a disclaimer or ban #fellatio in that case? How is banning a body-positive, feminine word like Goddess helping at all?  
Also this : «As a result of advertising, mainstream women feel incapable of ‘measuring up’ to the image of feminine beauty; while men compare the appearance of the available woman in their midst to the suggested glamorized image of beauty sold to them by the media». As you may or may not know, I have had issues with body image all my life. It's kind of a big deal for me to share a photo of my naked back like this. (I printed it on vellum by the way).
But it is my way of honoring that part of me and of giving my body its true worth, following this : «Regaining her self-respect by regaining access to her body--not as an image of ‘slender’ proportions/perfection (glamour girl), rather as a flesh-and-blood sensual woman of value in her own right--in her ability to connect with heart».

To make the whole page even more of a complete experience, I used my calligraphy nib and ink to really take the time to write the words to mean them. And I do.

As a little extra, here is the page I made about the whole hashtag ridiculousness on IG.

Thank you for reading this long post. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you other Goddesses.
Get Messy Art Journal is gang of crafty vixens who are sharing art journal pages we have created to practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. We support and encourage one another on this journey of creating and learning and we would love for you to join us too.

mercredi 29 juillet 2015

My MTL Details Mini || part 2

For the second part of my MTL Details mini album, I followed Jamaica's example and collaged a bunch of business cards from my favorite restaurants or shopping places.

Documenting the Big Orange Julep in all seasons!

I try to keep the journaling simple and stick to little details. There is also lots of room for me to add stuff from subsequent trips.

Unforgettable indeed. Thanks for taking a look and thanks for the inspiration Tina and Studio Calico!

mardi 28 juillet 2015

My MTL Details Mini || part 1

When LifeLovePaper hosted the Mini album class at Studio Calico, I bought it all : the workshop and the kit. I love Tina's aesthetic so much, I knew I'd love the supplies. I wasn't wrong! But it took me a while to get started on this Details Mini. I think it's because Tina focuses on documenting details from daily life. I feel like I'm documenting my details a lot, so I didn't want to start this one before finding my angle.
It came to me a month ago. I live in Ottawa when we are back in Canada between postings. But I come from Montreal. Montreal is my real home, my favorite city, my chosen city (if it were possible). So, since we are two hours away and we often go to MTL, I decided that that is what the theme of my mini would be : what I love about Montreal.


I got two of my tattoos in Montreal and wanted to document that.

A place for those parking stubbs that look kinda nice.

The business card of my favorite paper shop, Nota Bene.


 I documented landmarks, details like graffiti and, of course, places to eat and drink.

I will share part two tomorrow.

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