mercredi 29 avril 2015

New art journal

I've been meaning to try and incorporate more watercolor to my art journaling. I have been using Moleskine sketch books as art journals for the last couple of years. But the Moleskine paper isn't all that watercolor friendly. So I bought a big pad of Strathmore 300 series 140lb watercolor paper.

When I made my Super Fancy Creativity packs, I gutted this lovely vintage book. I kept the cover since it was the perfect size : 9 x 12.
Last week, I finally trimmed down my papers, made 10 signatures and bound my new art journal using the coptic stitch.

It looks really good and I'm very excited to try it. But first, I'm finishing my last Moleskine. Only 3 spreads left in that one! I'm anxious to see how this new journal will affect the type of pages I will make and the materials I will use.

mardi 28 avril 2015

Pages from my San Miguel de Allende travel album

I love this album so much, I thought I'd give you a quick tour. If color, pattern and photography overload aren't your thing, you may want to skip this post :)

I used a 9 x 12 album, which is the size I am using for Project Life too. I love this size, although sometimes I miss the wider layouts....especially when there is so much to document.

I used a mix of papers from Studio Calico and my new favorite the Messy Box.

Before I started, I made a kit of sorts. I pulled out a bunch of Project Life cards that I thought would fit the San Miguel color scheme. Doing this made the whole album come together really fast.

Also, before I start, I arrange my photos in piles, in chronological order. I add each day's ephemera to the piles. Then I go through each pile and choose my favorites.

Once I have my favorites chosen, I try to match their orientation to the most practical page protector.

I looooove including ephemera to my travel albums.

The cemetery visit was definitely a highlight for me. Loved using these 3 x 3 grid pages.

I have been adapting 12 x 12 pages protectors and modifying them to fit this album. I'll share a post on that this Friday.

I also adapt Project Life cards but cutting them up if necessary.

This album is such a great reminder of our days spent creating.

Don't you love that there is a welcoming skeleton on top of the funeral parlour?!?

Some of the most beautiful ephemera I've gotten is from San Miguel. I always picked up one for my travel album and one to cut up!

I made sure the last page was a big 9 x 12 page protector... I could stick in all my maps and other documents in the back.

The best part is I have plenty of room in this binder to document my trip when I go back next September :)

lundi 27 avril 2015

Unfinished Spirits || 15 to 21

Welcome to my weekly recap of my take on the 100 day project, 100 days of Unfinished Spirits.
15/100 I really love this one.

Here is a shot of this group together on the page.
Here is a close up of the tintype I used.


17/100 Another animal Spirit

18/100 My favorite so far


Here is the page with this group together:
A closer look at the picture
 These spirits on the page...

...and the vintage photo.

I like the interplay between the drawings and the vintage photos.

dimanche 26 avril 2015

Vs 52 portraits || 17

I used to think that self-care was a little bit self-indulgent, like did I really need to spend money to go lie in a bubble bath or get a manicure when I could do that myself? A friend of mine once told me that self-care is at the base of self-worth, that if you love yourself and accept that you need that time out once in a while, you will be recharged and feel better about who you are. So that is what I did today. I un-plugged. I let myself do nothing. I floated in water (my element) and I finished my book* by the fire.
Note: this is an iphone picture because cameras are not allowed in the spa. I snuck in my phone to take this then promptly brought it back to my locker and didn't look at it for the next 5 hours. Felt amazing.
* I have just finished The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. This is one of those books that you savor. I started it January and I usually go through a book a month. But this one. Sometimes I would put it down because I didn't want to read too much of it at a time. I loved her first book, hated the ending of her second one so I was quite afraid of the dénouement of The Goldfinch. And it was extraodinary. Reading in my bathrobe, sitting next to the cackling fire, it was all exclamation points and YES! YES! in my mind. Art, beauty, love, life, history, time, memory. It's all in there and I am grateful for Theo, Boris, Pippa and Hobie; they'll stay with me for a while.

samedi 25 avril 2015

Awesome Ladies Project Creative Team || April

Hello everyone! Thanks for coming by! Today is Awesome Ladies Night at Here are my contributions for this month.
1. Sketch challenge
First up, this month's sketch challenge. Here is the sketch:
I decided to make an art journal spread. I was feeling a lot of emotion when I read this story and the elements of Allie's sketch came into my head as I was trying to figure out how to express what I was feeling.

I can't believe that this is happening. What is wrong with people? How do you justify such blatant judgemental views and actions that hurt another woman? Why does it feel that we take one step forward only to take 10 steps back? Why are women's rights over their own bodies so constantly under attack? Separation of Church and State and My Uterus is very, very important to me and I find this pharmacist's actions condemnable.
I used an anatomic skeleton and a label from a wine bottle which I glued down over some tissue paper.

2. Birthday Insta album
My second project is my 40th birthday Insta album I started in March. I completed the pages inside using the Aurora line by Basic Grey.

Supplies used : Basic Grey Aurora paper pad, alphabet and embellishments, It Factor paper pad, WRMK Insta album and page protectors, various paper scraps, photos.
3. A Babe and her Beasts mini
I shared this mini album here last week. It was one of those great projects when it all comes together and you have to keep working at it until it's done.

Be sure to check out the classroom tonight!

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