samedi 31 janvier 2015

Awesome Ladies Project || Creative Team projects for January

Hello friends. Another month has gone by and I have some projects to share with you. You can find all of this in the Awesome Ladies Project community workshop here. Like Kristin says...'It's free and it's awesome'!
My first project is a participation in the sketch challenge. This is the sketch, made by Allie Trumpower.
As you know, I don't scrapbook....but I do art journal! Here is my take on this sketch:

All those could I not think of the moon?

and the moon, how can she not make me think of a woman?

The circles are a mix of punched out paper patterns and glued tissue paper over which I added black gesso.

My favorite are the phases of the moon which I made with my one inch circle punch and a bright silver paper.

For my second project I wanted to use the Currently sticky notes from the rukristin papershop. But I wanted to chose which verbs to use in the list and I wanted a project to help me use my supplies - I love it when I can do that. So I busted out my sewing machine, Marie-Antoinette, and made....Currently pie charts!

Oh yes. I love how the patterns of the Second City papers blend in together. I have officially used them all up! I even used a Currently paper in one of the pie charts below.

So I have three of these beauties ready to go. I used my first one in my planner, like so:

I love the messy hectic look it gives this page. And it helps me remember what we were up to as I wait for my 12 x 9 binders to arrive so I can get going on PL stuff!
What do you think? Do you like to use the Currently lists as they are or do you like to change them up?

Supply list :
- Second City paper pad
- Currently sticky notes
- sewing machine
- Tombow adhesive

Awesome Ladies Night!

I hope you'll join in on the fun. There will be live chats and there is a 10% discount in the shop all weekend long!

Find out more at

mardi 27 janvier 2015

Get Messy giveaway on Instagram

Hello all! I am happy to report that I am now a member of the new Get Messy Creative Team, yay!

I'll be woking alongside these very talented ladies. We have a lot of exciting things planned for you, so make sure you sign up for the newsletter to be in the know. Get Messy reboots on February 5th.

Today and tomorrow, you have a chance to win a membership to Get Messy on my Instagram feed. Just follow me, comment on the giveaway post and you're done. This is a quick draw so make sure you get your name in fast!

lundi 26 janvier 2015

A page for Rehtaeh

I made this page for Rehtaeh Parsons. If you don't know who she is, please take a look here. It is a troubling story, that involves rape, bullying, slut shaming and social media. And a lot of 'he said, she said' as it is for most sexual assault cases. I cannot fathom the horror of what she had to endure. I am angry that the culprits got so little in terms of punishment.

As a tribute to her, her mother has started painting stones with her name and sending them around the world. People are leaving them in public places Rehtaeh would have wanted to see had she lived. I plan on getting one and leaving it in Cape Town when we go there next month.

I feel that the stitching from another spread adds to the power of this figure, who emerged from my paints on the day the person taking the infamous picture got probation. There is a lot of 'was it or not consentual sex', 'she was flirtatious so she deserved it' talk and reporting going on. But, I'm sorry, if you are taking a picture of a boy doing a thumb's up while he's having sex with a girl from behind as she is vomitting out the window, there can be NO DOUBT in my mind that there is NO consent there whatsoever.

The police didn't lay any charges at first. Anonymous got involved and then new information emerged and the boys were tried for child pornography and not rape. All of that is already hard enough to imagine. But I can't believe how many people were more than happy to share that picture and to believe she was a slut and turned against her, even her friends. L'homme est un loup pour l'homme. Man is a wolf to man.

dimanche 25 janvier 2015

V's 52 portraits || 04

I have made - and lost - many friends in the books I have read.
I am an avid reader. This portrait shows my favorite time of day, when I get lost in stories. I have lived so many lives thanks to books. From reading The Hardy Boys at 8 years old (and changing the pronouns from he to she) to my discovery of Stephen King when I was 14, from Anne Rice to Justin Cronin, from Elizabeth Kustova, Philip Pullman to Audrey Niffenegger and Donna Tartt; I love a thick book that captivates. 
(I realise the light is competely overexposed, but this was the shot, so I'm just going to roll with it!)

vendredi 23 janvier 2015

A pep talk in my art journal

My art journal is definitely my visual diary. As such, I use it to put down on paper what is troubling me or making me mad. Sometimes, I just really need to play with color and texture and the process (the laying down of the paint, the choosing of the papers, the placement of the text) helps me to figure things out. This is one of those spreads.

My art journal as cheerleader. I wish I could adequately show you the lovely bronze color and how it shimmers. A paint I bought in San Miguel.

I fall in love with parts of the page, brushstrokes, paper and layers of paint.

I fall in love with color, texture and postcards showing old men transcribing secrets.

jeudi 22 janvier 2015

The new Get Messy prompts || set 4

Last Saturday, I shared this picture on Instagram and said I was carving a stamp fit for a queen :
It's because I was working on these Get Messy prompts. I decided to do both prompts on the same spread because, to me, an art journal spread is always two pages, with that lovely line or spiral straight down the middle... Also, my imagery and the poem fit together nicely.
Here's a reminder of the prompts:

Challenge #1:
Journal prompt: If I were queen...
Art Prompt: Make your own stamp to create a background for your royal decrees. Use anything you can find and dip it in paint or ink or make a reusable stamp (tutorial here). 
Challenge #2
Journal prompt: Make a blackout poem like Austin Kleon does (see his work and examples here) using a magazine article, newspaper, an old book page or any other writings you can find.
Art prompt: If your blackout poem doesn't cover your entire page, paint a background by using a splatter technique with a paintbrush. Load up water and paint on your brush, hold the brush above your page, then tap the brush with your other hand to create random splatters of paint.

Here is my spread :

I had so much fun with my sewn scraps last week, that I wanted to repeat the process in my art journal. It was more difficult to manipulate because of the fact that I was using bound papers. It was hard to sew down all the scraps, so I had to glue some of them down instead.


I used a self-portrait that was in my stash and gave myself a pretty awesome crown! I also gave myself a scepter wielding the power of love. I hand cut the words out of a piece of dark blue cardstock.

I did my blackout poem using a vintage page. It was a book review about a novel called Band of Angels, on a woman who upon her father,s death learns that her mother was a slave and that she will be sold into servitude. I glued down the page on a vintage flashcard with the word 'girls'. I used my handmade stamps to highlight this word. I make two crowns : the first I left full (in gold below) and the second I carved into an outline (in black). I added the trio of triangles which is a motif I use a lot in my doodles.

My poem reads :
She learned the secret,
her body merely
[reserved] for a special price.
She had to reconcile herself,
an independent girl,
a human being.
The conquest
swept away the freedom.
She did not forget.

(Punctuation added by me. I blacked out 'reserved' by mistake which is why I put it in brackets)

I find that the blackout poem does really well as my Royal Matriarchal Decree. I LOVE how my page turned out!

If you participated, what part of these prompts appealed to you and what part pushed you out of your comfort zone? I was a little uncomfortable with the poem part, but when I saw that book page and the words that jumped out at me, I realised how it could support my *royal* ideas!

mercredi 21 janvier 2015

Babes send things Flipagram

Here's a look at the inside of the handmade journal I made for my partner in the Babes Send Things group! Music : 'C'est beau comme on s'aime' by Yann Perreau on whom I have a huge crush.

mardi 20 janvier 2015

Planner Love

I was fortunate enough to win a custom cover for my Pretty Documented planner. My name, hand lettered by Vanessa Perry, wow!
I bought this amazing planner in 2014 and have been excited to start using it ever since. I thought long and hard about the setup I wanted. I bought both the floral and the minimalist edition because I knew I wanted to mix and match. I debated how I was going to print the pages, what size and on what type of paper. Should I have it spiral bound? Put the pages in the Studio Calico Planner I bought? Should I bind it myself?

In the end, I decided to follow Caylee's advise and make the planner work for me. First, I know I mostly use the monthly overview pages. I don't really use the daily ones all that much. I sometimes use the weekly pages, but in general, monthly is good for me. I knew I wanted to decorate those little square so I printed the Minimalist monthly pages.
Ah, but how lovely are those monthly dividers? I knew I wanted the Floral options for them. I decided to put these in my Studio Calico planner Handbook. As you can see from the photo below, the pages are smaller than the ones in the planner. I must admit that my printer sucks. It doesn't print double sided and the half-letter size seems smaller than it should be. But I don't really mind. I think the pages peeking out look lovely truth be told...
And what are those pages? They are the Becky Higgins Watercolor Planner pages set, which I bought before the Pretty Documented planner. They are 6 x 8 and full of soft florals. they are not weekly planner pages but daily journaling ones, which was a surprise to me when I opened them. But I will make th most of them because, no wasting! I think I will just use these to jot down to do lists and weekly/daily plans.

 The colors fit really nicely with the Pretty Documented planner.

I bought a 6 hole punch when I followed Ashley Goldberg's class Paint Plan Play. I used it to punch holes in the Watercolor pages as there are only two holes on the Becky Higgins ones. I printed my planner pages on soft, thick 32 mgs paper. I love it.

 Now, to start using it!

What are you using?

lundi 19 janvier 2015

Destash Project Life cards in the shop

In the spirit of not hoarding and getting rid of things I don't use, I put up a bunch of Project Life card sets in my shop. The first two packs are from the Studio Calico kits I receive each month. I made two sets of 18 cards.

The other two sets are cards from the Dreamy Edition core kit by Heidi Swapp. I have three sets (two are the same) of 23 cards each.

Thanks for coming by!

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