jeudi 27 août 2015

Get Messy Season of Serenity || 05

Thursday totally crept up on me this week! I wanted to work on this week's prompts but didn't have the time to complete them. The pages I'm sharing today were started while we were on vacation and that atmosphere permeates them.

This first one is about childhood memories. The place where we stayed in Maine was where I'd spend my summers as a child. I hadn't been there in twenty years.

It was so incredibly amazing to see how things have changed and have changed the same. We had an amazing time and I wanted this spread to capture that feeling. I used some packing tape transfers which we made with the kids while we were there.

I also used a napkin, that great black and white photo and some images of beach birds I got from Caylee.

These elements will always bring me back to that place.

This second one is for the prompt about daily serenity. Originally, I intended to talk about the beach and the hot sand. But I feel that the list of moments adds to the spread.

I added some definitions related to sand and sanctuary, to bring forth the elements of the pages.

Not sure if it counts, but I did roll that vellum paper :)

Yesterday, I mentionned my collage for The Collage Club. When I was pulling out the black and white photos I wanted to use, I noticed all of these awesome and fierce women. I decided to put these lovelies in my art journal.

One thing I want to push is to not be afraid to alter the magazine image. I'm starting slowly by decorating around the figures, Julia-style. 

I've been thinking a lot about women and girls and the fact that they are so damned interesting. When I was thinking about my celebrity crushes for 30 Days of Lists, I had a hard time finding men to put on the list. I wanted to be the women or at least sit down and pick their brain. I've also had pep talks and self-care on my mind (more on that in Saturday's portrait).

I'd do what they say if I were you!

And finally, the background I've been working on but that I want to take my time with.

The plan for this one was to put down the paper then to start ripping it up. But I love it so! I can't bring myself to rip it. So I'm mulling over my options. I'm thinking drawing and outlining with white gesso. It will be for the reworking a page prompt. Tune in next week for the results.

(I'm prepapring a post about ephemera, to be published in a couple of weeks)

6 commentaires:

  1. I love looking at all that you create, a beautiful selection & such inspirationVanessa. The feel you've captured of your beach journal page is lovely.
    I shall look out for your ephemera post as I'm working through the Mary Ann Moss Remains of the Day - I just love the boxes she goes to for her (scrap) journal pages...amazing just like your collage above - I'm not sure I would want to rip it up either...will watch with interest!

    1. Thank you Gilly! I hope I'll answer some of your questions.

  2. When I first read your girl gang page - I thought it said "we've got your back, bitch" which I quite enjoyed! Love a good reclaim of a word :D You're childhood serenity beach page is so beautiful and captures that free spirit perfectly. I also am loving how you are going Julia-style on your magazine images! Maybe I can coin that phrase? ;) xo

  3. That pinky gold page. Oh man. All of these.

    1. definitely in your color palette, love.


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