vendredi 31 janvier 2014

I heart Uppercase Magazine

I have never had a magazine subscription before. I always just bought magazines on the fly or because I needed images for my collages. But when I discovered Uppercase...things changed. Even though I'm an international customer and shipping is quite expensive, it is definitely money well spent. This is the third time I've renewed!
I love every single issue of Uppercase. They feature creative people from around the world. People can submit their stories and their work. You get to learn about different creative endeavours and adventures that people are going on. It looks good with amazing typography and great photos too. Plus, it's printed on recycled paper. And it's Canadian like me. WIN!
Anyway, this quote from issue 20 really jumped off the page for me. I love the sentiment.

So true, right? This particular creative manifesto is written by Fabien Barral of

Uppercase always has great new artists and disciplines to discover and I love what they do. If you are interested in checking out their magazine, please use the link below. If you end up buying something, I will get a point which could eventually lead to me getting a free issue. So thank you if you ever decide to get something!

Full disclosure though: I would totally be writing a post like this anyway because I heart Uppercase.

jeudi 30 janvier 2014

My birthday party invites

My birthday is coming up soon and for various reasons, I decided to host a Mad Tea Party. There may be costumes involved. I wanted to make my own invitations and send them out by mail. I found the perfect stamp set, called Wonderland by Stampendous. It has more of a Victorian feel and not a Disney one.
I stamped a bunch of cards that I had left over from my wedding (!) four years ago.

After stamping, I added some stitching on the cover of each card.

 I also stamped the envelopes.

After trimming the thread, I wrote along the stitched line.

For the inside, I printed out an image I made with the Word Swag app (on the left side). On the right, I wrote my invite in the Phonto app, then printed it on vellum. I then attached the vellum with a piece of washi tape that I bought in Tokyo and that features rabbits.

On the back side, I put in all the details (which I won't show here). I had so much fun making these and got many compliments from the people who recieved them. I'm glad, it's so worth it to send real snail mail. People love getting things that are not bills in the mail. I know I do!

mercredi 29 janvier 2014

Shop update

I have some goodies in the shop for Chinese New Year which is coming this weekend. First up, this Lunar New Year notebook. It has horses and lanterns and fireworks

This second notebook is a year of the Horse themed one.

And finally this Dream notebook has star charts and warm colors to inspire searches for auspicious dates throughout the year!

I also made this Year of the Horse project Life kit. There is only one, so act fast!

Please take a look at

Dans ma tannière update

I've been working on my Dans ma tannière project. My Photoshop software just arrived and I will start working out my ideas. In the mean time, I've prepped my notebook. I started by using my own punched labels as index tabs in my book.

I've started jotting down ideas for branding. I put in inspiring pieces too, like this business card from a store in Hong Kong.
Since I would like to design some Project Life cards in french for each month, I bought these lovely triangle index stickers to seperate each month in my notebook.

So, even though I said 'Just start!' I once again waited until I had the most inspiring notebook ever. And now I'm filling it up happily!

mardi 28 janvier 2014

My Haphasard Quilt

In the fall of 2012, I wanted to get started on a project that I had seen on Pam Garrison's blog. She calls it her Journaling Quilt. I loved this idea so much and really wanted to do one for my family. About the same time, I saw a similar quilt on Kellyd67's Instagram feed. And was super excited to start one right away.
And then I hurt my arm and wasn't able to stitch for the longest time. So I put the project aside until it became relevant again. Well, it's new year, no time like the present right? So here we go!

2014, the year of Elevate for me. The year we leave Hong Kong and settle somewhere new (still waiting to know where). This is as good a time as any to document our lives in this manner. So I've started on what I call my 'haphasard quilt'. I got a bunch of inspiring books and am trying out new stitches. So far, I am having a blast and I can't wait to see where it'll go. I started with an introduction piece. I stitched the year and our names on a pice of vintage fabric that already had some embroidered flowers on it.
Here is the finished piece :

For the second piece, I wanted to document Hong Kong. So I pulled out a stamp of the HK skyline that I had carved myself and transfered it to a vintage handkerchief.

Hooped it and started stitching yesterday.
I picked out some floss in the grey/black/dark blue range for the buildings.

I started by stitching the Bank of China building. Because it's so iconic, I wanted it to really stand out so I used some metallic floss. It's really hard to work with, but it looks cool.

I will keep you posted on my progress throughout the year.

lundi 27 janvier 2014

Pages from my tiny journal

I've been using my tiny journal again lately. I love carrying it around in my purse and making a quick page while on the bus or taxi....or at the hairdresser ha!

jeudi 23 janvier 2014

Some lessons from Project Life 2013

I've been doing Project Life for two years now. In both cases, I have two huge 12 x 12 albums per year. In 2012, the whole year is in the two albums. But for 2013, I have another 12 x 12 album for our summer trip to Europe and two mini-albums for my trips to Tokyo and Siem Reap. That's a lot of albums for only 2 years!

I simply adore them though. I love taking pictures of our lives and putting them in. I love the Studio Calico kits and the cards designed by other creators like Life Love Paper and Dearest Someday. I am so happy when I work in these albums that I would be sad not to have that.

Also, we have entered our last 7 months in Hong Kong. This summer we will move somewhere else. So there will be a lot to document. I like the weekly approach for this year of changes, I like having big pages with lots of pockets to fill in.

I think that, depending on where we end up, my Project Life albums will change over time. HK is a very busy city, there is a lot to do each day and I work part-time so I stay busy. Lots to document. I think I know it won't always be so. So it's ok if I have humongous heavy albums again this year. I will be so happy to look through them in ten years, my kids will be so happy to look through them too.

In the future, I may consider going smaller. I really like Jess's approach (12 x18 layouts) and Marcy Penner's new size.

For the moment, I'm keeping it as it is. But, I'm going flatter (no more flairs!) and I'm going simpler. No more adding embellishments just to 'use them up'. I know I can use those embellishments in my 30 Days of Lists albums.

Here's to documenting life, any way that suits you :)

mercredi 22 janvier 2014


I signed up for the Kal Barteski class at Studio Calico. It starts in February but I thought I'd give it a go with some scrap paper I had. I also used the back of some 4 x 6 cards that came with some of the kits. Glad I kept those!

I had fun, but I am really curious about the class and I hope I can tweek my style a bit.

lundi 20 janvier 2014

Recent journaling pages

Since my albums are now done, I've had more time to play in my art journal.

More importantly, I've felt the need to get back to it. Lots of decision-making going on here, especially pertaining to our move from Hong Kong.

This page is directly inspired by Julia Dean's work. I saw her pages in an Art journaling group on FB and finding these people in the scribbles I made on the page reminds me of her art.

My Mystic Jackalope came by to say hi.

vendredi 17 janvier 2014

My Project Life 2014 introduction pages

For the first page of my 2014 album, I decided to go with a limited color scheme and use some of the PL Studio Calico kit cards that I had in my stash. I really like Elise Cripe's use of 'mugshots' in this post and wanted to adapt that idea. So I took 2 Instax pictures of each of us (my kids took the ones of me). It happened that we were all wearing clothes that fit the color scheme. The 'Life' postcard is from an old Uppercase magazine. I love the way this page came together!

The back part of the Life postcard says 'Work' which I thought would be perfect as a title for this side of the page which would focus on my goals for the year. Most of the cards are also from SC PL kits and from Life Love Paper's Christmas paper packs and printables. I tried to keep the color scheme tight with mostly black, gold and blue hues. 'Elevate' is my One Little Word for the year. I also wrote some goals associated with this word. Next to the 'Make Something Today' transparency, I put down my creative goals for the year.

Let's do this!!

mercredi 15 janvier 2014

Spontaneous mail art

I found a great postcard book by Kerri Smith (who does the Wreck This Journal series). It's called We Are All Connected and has a bunch of really cool postcards. They all have a game to play or an image to complete on one side. So I pulled out a few of them, went to town with my Kikki.k stamp set and sent some spontaneous, magical mail to my friends. Hope they like it.

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