vendredi 29 août 2014

From Here to There. Recent pages.

Although I haven't shared it on Thursdays / Get Messy Days recently, I am still working on my From Here to There album. This album documents our transition from Hong Kong to Gatineau, Canada. Now that we are more or less settled in, I have more time to get creative and make some pages. I did these six pages in one sitting and they document my last week in Montreal, which is where I grew up and my favorite place to be.
I did a little Currents here. The hare is one that I free stitched with my sewing machine earlier this year.

There is a certain nostalgia when you revisit your childhood city / home/ neighborhood. You see things with new eyes and you wish you could stay there.

This. This is what makes our way of life so hard for me.

I was really feeling this the other night.

Just wanted to draw your attention on this : sometimes the negatives from your alphabet sheets have super interesting shapes or designs and they can add something extra to your pages.

We left Montreal, took the road again and arrived in Gatineau. In our new rented house which is quickly becoming a home.

I wanted to hint at my mixed feelings by contrasting the confetti and the raindrops.

The next set of pages will be about our new place I think. And then, it'll be time to set aside this album and get going on my Project Life.

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  1. These are really pretty, and I like your tip about using leftover alpha sheet shapes! I've tried to make a "relocation" album twice before, and each time didn't keep up with it much at all, not near as well as you are. I'll be trying once again next year during our move to Berlin, and maybe the third time will do the trick. Would you consider writing a post about some tips to keep up a moving album during the actual process of moving? I could use any advice! :)

    1. what a great idea Violetta! I'd love to do a re-cap post and share what worked and what didn't. Thanks for the inspiration. They do say 'third time lucky' right?

  2. Now by your standards I do not qualify as being a "nomad". But I have moved quite a bit over the past 10 years.
    First from where I grew up to the city where I went to school, then 3 times in that city and once back to my parents. Then one more time in my college town. After that I moved in with my boyfriend in a small ( really small) village and lastly 3 years ago when we move to a city again ( thank god for that) and bought a house..
    And eventhough i am a home-person, I've had no problems relocating one bit.
    Out of all the places the only place I sometimes miss is Haarlem; the city where I went to study. Eventhough it is a lovely city, the reason I sometimes miss it is more because of the fact that that is where I learned to live on my own.
    I do sometimes go back there ( Its only 45 minutes by train) but so much has changed since I lived there..

    By the way, reloating is not new in our family; My grandfather moved to the other side of the country when I was young for his job, my parents moved all over Holland during the years.. My aunt got married to a man from Switzerland ( and lives there).
    Funny detail about where I live; I now live in the same city my grand-father was born in. Almost 100 years later the genes are back...

    1. This is so cool to know Janine. I would definitely consider you a nomad, after moving three times in the same city. I think it's wonderful that you have gone full circle with your grand-father :) I think the big difference between our two situations is that you seem to have chosen when and where to live; whereas for us, it's partially imposed, depending on where my husband is posted for work. I do love all the new places I see and people I meet, but when I go to my birthplace, I feel a special connection and I would love to live part of my life there - even though things have changed a lot.

      Thank you for sharing your story and your perspective on this.


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