jeudi 2 janvier 2014

First the spirit of 'elevate'

Ok, so I've taken the bull by the horns. After asking some of my favorite designers what programs they use for their designs, I've decided to give Photoshop a try. I got a wonderful present from my husband this amazon gift certificate!

In the spirit of elevate (see this post), I have just enrolled in my first Skillshare class. Introduction to Photoshop with Meg Lewis. I enrolled through a friend and got 10$ off. I'm pumped to give it a go! Matbe I'll even graduate to Illustrator after this...who knows?

If any of you are interested in taking self-paced online classes, take a look at what Skillshare has to offer. If you go through my link, we both get 10$ off! They have lots of interesting classes like modern calligraphy (got my eye on that one!), design tools and small business workshops.

Thanks for taking a look!

2 commentaires:

  1. Hooray for you!! I love Photoshop. I'm definitely not an expert, but I've learned enough to do what I need to do. Let me know if you ever decided to take the plunge into Illustrator. I might just jump with you ;)

    1. YES! Let's do it! There's a workshop for than on Skillshare too :D


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