mardi 31 décembre 2013

Lists 29, 30 and end pages!

Here are my last two lists for this December Edition of 30 Days of Lists. I had a blast using my Christmas/Holiday stash for this project. Whatever is left goes into my Project Life! I also really enjoy looking at all those pretty papers.
I've got lots to let go of. The first one is definitely something that happens to me a lot. I get scared of actually getting started on a idea or a project. That voice says 'not good enough', 'gonna be too hard', 'you'll fail', etc. or I wait too long for the right moment (which never comes). Gonna put those fears aside for this year. For the last one, I'm working on that a lot. I have a tendency to want to prove my point and to want people to own up and be authentic, even when they are not ready to be that honest. So I'm trying to mellow out.
And the final 'official' list:

I have an extra spread in my notebook, so I'm adding a final list for today the 31st.

I'm going to keep this one personal, I want to write down the good and bad from the year. Under the postcard on the right, I'll add-in my final thoughts.

There you have it :)

Lists 27 and 28

List 28 was 'my' list i.e. as a sponsor, I can host a prompt. We do these well in advance, which is why this list felt different aesthetically to me. Hopefully it isn't too noticeable to others, but if I were to re-do it, I would put block letters for the title which is what I did throughout most of this book.

List 27 is pretty self-explanatory:

I wrote list 28 before I went to Tokyo. Had I been before, I would have replaced sushi with ramen because Japanese food is so much more than just sushi and I didn't really know how much more there was until I went!

It's not a big deal since the other food items are also typical of each cuisine...

lundi 30 décembre 2013

Some thoughts on things to come and my One Little Word

So it's that time where we take stock of what has transpired during the past year and what we can look forward to in the year to come. 2013 was a good year for me, really good. I travelled a lot (both with my family and with friends), we had friends and family visitng us, I managed to make creativity a part of my daily life, I ran my little Etsy shop and sponsored 30 Days of Lists, I managed to stay focused on my health (which was my One Little Word for the year) and be in the present moment.

One Little Word is a project created by Ali Edwards. You choose a word that you want to focus on for the year. Learn more here.

I've been thinking a lot about 2014 and what it will bring. The biggest change is the fact that we will be leaving Hong Kong in the summer. Not sure where we will end up, but the fact remains that HK will no longer be where we live. This is a big step for me. As an archaeologist, I grow roots. I get used to where I am living, I see the good and bad...and I find it hard to leave. So 2014, will definitely be tainted with this feeling of saying goodbye to this great city.

The impact of leaving HK extends to my lifestyle too. Here, I only work part-time, so I have time to explore different mediums, play with paint, pencils and photography, work on Project Life, bookbind and other creative endeavors. But if we go back to Canada, I will hopefully be back to working full-time, which means I will sometimes be frustrated by the absence of daily creativity. We'll see.

All this to say that I have been thinking a lot about my One Little Word for 2014 and it came to me earlier this week. I was kicking around a few words : dig deeper, focus, push, let go, follow-through. These words felt wrong because 1- they are mostly two-word expressions (ha!) and 2- they felt too narrow for what I was trying to express. then it hit me when I was looking at a friend's IG feed.

My OLW is : elevate.

The hashtag used by my friend for her Big Picture Classes was 'elevate the everyday'. And there you have it. The perfect word for what I'm trying to say.

I want to elevate:
- my commitment to my family : be there for them, be a good mother, a good wife, a good friend, in the moment and beyond
- my creative stance : I want to learn new things, go deeper into expressing what I need to say, both in my art journaling and in other creative outlets.
- my ideas : I want to try my hand at designing my own Project Life cards (more on that in another post) and get the skills to be able to bring this to fruition. I want to nourish this blog, I want to think about and develop an identity and a brand.
- my contribution to my life and to that of those around me.

I've already started to look into some of these ideas and it feels good.

Have any of you put some thought into your One Litlle Word for the coming year?

dimanche 29 décembre 2013

Time for a sale!

Time to make some room in the shop. Please come and take a look, you may find something to inspire you! Valid until January 11th.
I've got some new ideas and projects that I want to try out in 2014. Hope you'll come along for the ride.

samedi 28 décembre 2013

My Tokyo Travel Album

Yesterday, on Dec 27th, Christmas was officially over, our guest had gone back to Canada, we had nothing planned except getting a flu shot and the kids were on vacation and wanted nothing more than to chill out at home. So I busted out my Tokyo fodder and set up my windowsill to get going on my travel album!
I'm using the Studio Calico Handbook that came with the December Daily kit. Something about the embossed stars and the red spine said 'TOKYO!' to me :)
It's my first time using the Handbook to make a travel mini album. So far, after setting up about half of it, I have a few reservations...I find it difficult that there are no 4 x 6 vertical photo pockets, especially when I took a lot of city shots while I was there. Also, some of the page protectors pockets are little smaller than the 3 x 4 announced so there is some extra trimming involved. Finally, there are no horizontal 3 x 4 pockets either.
Aside from these elements - actually, they do force me to be more creative - I really like this format for a short trip with lots of pictures and lots of travel ephemera. I was going to use another Handbook for my Siem Reap trip, but now I'm re-thinking this option. Especially since the beauty of some of the temples warrant big, spacious photo spreads and there isn't all that much paper ephemera to add in. I might add my pictures to my regular 12 x 12 Project Life album instead. We'll see.
In the meantime, I had a total blast and can't wait to finish up and share my Tokyo trip here.

vendredi 27 décembre 2013

Lists 25 and 26

Hope your holidays were full of family, friends and food! Mine sure were.
I have finished the Studio Calico gold numbers and have moved on to pretty day labels made by Dispatch from LA for the rest of my 30 Days of Lists album...except for the label for Dec 25th, which is part of the 25th and Pine collection.
The stitched card in my list 26 was made by Elizabeth Rosemond, you can find plenty of goodies in her shop here.

mercredi 25 décembre 2013

Lists 23 and 24

Here are my lists 23 and 24.
List 23 : who I consider family. My girls, my friends, the ones that have been around since we've been 17-18 years old. The friends I depend on and who can depend on me. They are my chosen family. My family means my husband, daughter and son, my sister and her husband, my parents, my cousins, uncles and aunts. My pets : my cat Makiavel whom we had to give away but who is still alive and my cats growing up, Yoda and Soleil, both passed.
List number 24 came just after a great day spent at Disneyland Hong Kong (hence the first quote) and lots of discussions about Christmas! That last one is by my husband when he came home from work in time to smell the turkey.

Lists 21 and 22

So many good things happened to us this week, so I was glad for list no.21 to be able to write them down and document them.
I wrote my list on the back of this vintage postcard and adhered it with golden washi tape, in a way that makes it easy to flip it over to read the content.

My list for number 22 was very short and sweet! I love this time of year, when Christmas comes close and we can really focus on what is important. Although it does help that my shopping is all done!

samedi 21 décembre 2013

Lists 19 and 20

I'm glad that I'm keeping up with these lists, even though December is such a busy month. Listing gives me time to reflect on this month, this year.

I wanted to keep list 19 simple because the background paper is quite busy. So I went with a Project Life printable card by the über-talented Tina Azsmus from Life Love Paper. I modified the list because I wanted to write down the projects I want to work on in 2014. I've been pretty good about keeping up on Project Life but I want to tackle some other projects this coming year, including the 'haphazard quilt' (an expression I borrowed from Kelleyd67 in instagram.)

For list 20, I once again used a card from the LLP line of printables. This sounds like a great day!

vendredi 20 décembre 2013

Pinterest board

Just a head's up, I put all my 30 days of Lists - December Edition pages on a Pinterest board. See them here:

Or click on the Pinterest icon on the right sidebar.

Lists 17 and 18

Here are my lists for 17 and 18. Lots of aqua and red in these pages.

List 17 is another fill-in the blanks. There are just a few things I wish I had done more of...The first is 'date nights'. We are good at going out with friends or organising suppers, but we don't always take the time to go out the two of us. I also want to do more 'one-on-one lunches with each of my kids'. My mom did that for us when we were older, but I really like the idea of spending quality time with each child. And finally, I wish I had done more art journaling. I want to dig deeper and connect to my creative side and let it emerge.

On my shopping list...I have very few presents because I'm ready for Christmas!!! Yay! I put down some baking stuff (I want to make Christmas cookies with the kids), I also added an album by Neil Young that I'd like to buy, buy my photos for my December Daily and some clothes (once the sales start!).

lundi 16 décembre 2013

Lists 15 and 16

I have to say the color scheme for the new Christmas collections really appeal to me. This blue sets off the red in a really perfect way! (I apologise for the slightly blurry picture)
List 15, I like to avoid. I'd like to say that I achieve the first one regularly, but that would be a lie. I am definitely working on the 'not obsessing about stuff' part of my personality.

List 16, Favorite things to eat this time of year. i'm a real lover of Christmas food. I hardly ever eat sweets except this time of year. I also like the 'spicy' sweets like fruit bread and mince pies, rather than butter cream cakes. 'Tourtières' are a traditional meat pie from Quebec and they are associated with family gatherings and holiday meals. When I make them here in Hong Kong, I get a really strong emotional reaction and it makes me think of home. You know? Home as in your childhood, your family, your neighborhood, all the familiar places.

samedi 14 décembre 2013

Lists 13 and 14

So far, these two pages have been one of my favorite combo in my 30 Lists notebook. I'm a big fan of Christmas ephemera so I'm always so happy to have a place to put it.

List 13 : I get excited when. I am definitely still a kid at heart. What gets me excited at 38 is the same as what got me excited at 8. I love the idea of a whole new book (world) to explore, the promise of those written pages. When I'm planning an event (like my wedding 3 years ago, or my birthday that is coming up) I get really excited and think about it all the time. I also get super excited when I plan something for the kids (going to see a show or a great gift). unfortunately, most times, I'm more excited about the results than they are!
List 14 : stocking up on. Definitely stocking up on our view because we are leaving Hong Kong next summer and never again in my life will I have such a panorama so readily accessible. For my other two items...well, my kids are growing fast, so I try to hold on to the little moments and appreciate them as much as possible...

vendredi 13 décembre 2013

Lists 11 et 12

List no 11 was really fun. I like the 'fill-in the blanks' style. And I'm so happy that I can put down all of those destinations for list no.12!

Actually, I am going to Cambodia in a couple of days. I've scheduled some blog posts for my lists, so be sure to check them out :)

mercredi 11 décembre 2013

Lists 9 and 10

I really like the trend of putting new colors into the Christmas scheme, like the gray in the page on the right. I had fun finding a vintage image that went with it.

List 9, favorite clothes / accessories: I always, always wear dresses or skirts. They are my 'go-to', I feel really comfortable in them. These days, I really dig the mocassins that I bought in Tokyo and wear them every chance I get. In terms of accessories, my wedding ring is my favorite!

List 10, I was a friend this year by....

Here's the thing : I live far from some of my oldest friends and close to some of my new friends. I've had three of them deal with heavy and ongoing issues this year. For all of these friends - near or far / old or new - I think the best I have done for them is to listen and let them know I'm here. I've sent care packages and letters, written and read missives and listened on the phone. But in the end, we often just need someone to listen.

September through November Project Life pages

Warning...this is a long post! October is a super busy month for us because of Thanksgiving (we are Canadian!), both my children's birthdays, our anniversary and Halloween. So I have lots of inserts. Plus the fact that this is our last year in HK, I tend to be heavy handed with the camera to make sure I document everything!
Here is the last spread for September (23 to 29) :
September 30th to Oct 6th. Lots of beach days that week because the kids had a couple of holidays and it was perfect beach weather!

October 6th to 13th : First part with an insert on the right. My husband is a cyclist and he brought my phone along on one of his rides to document it. On the left page, my lunch with a friend that I met on Instagram!

Here is the second part of that week with the back of the insert being dedicated to Thanksgiving. very thankful for family and for the whole HK experience.

From October 14th to 20th. Another insert, this one for an outing on the harbour on the Aqua Luna.

The next part of this (long) insert is dedicated to my daughter's birthday party.

Also, each year on their birthday, I do a page all about each of them. Here is the first half on the right.

The back part of her page sits next to the last one about her party.

From October 21st to 27th : again with the inserts....This time, I put in a treasure that my daughter made for me.

On the back side is a treasure hunt that I made just for her. On the right is the end of that week.

Now, it gets a little messy! The following pages are dedicated to the adult halloween party we attended on Oct 26th. I had so much fun dressing up and really wanted to document it all. Also, that is my wedding dress that I'm wearing! What a treat to put it on again!

It was loads of fun. On the left some signs of the Halloween season.

October 28th to Nov 3rd : This week is all about the kids Halloween on the 31st.

And then, on Nov 2, my son had his birthday party, which I documented in a similar fashion as for my daughter.

On the right, the page that is all about him.

The back of the page goes with the end of his party.

The other days of that week are here on this last spread. Whew! That is one crazy month!!!! Maybe the Halloween stuff warranted a for thought for next year.

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