lundi 30 septembre 2013

25. My family's quirks

We have a lot of quirks. A lot. But I don't want to insult anyone, so I kept this list humourous and light!
Just some ledger paper, old wallpaper and the picture of my sister's recent visit on this one.
It's pretty straightforward. My sister laughed when she read this so I guess that is a good sign that I didn't overstep my bounds! We may be quirky, but we all love each other like crazy and would do anything for someone in the family.

24. How to have a great day

One of those super fun lists! Easy to do and uplifting!
I went to town wth happy stickers on this one! I used a sheet from a Kikki.k notepad (you can get some in my Lister's Heaven pack here), some washi, some stickers from inspiration booklet and my stamped Instax picture.
The 'work it out' can be understood as 'sit down and think about it to work it out' or 'get  your exercise on and sweat it out'! For me it's the latter.

23. Things you may not know about me

This prompt made me think of the '20 things about me' prompt that was going around IG recently (see mine here). So as to not repeat myself too much, I tried to point out new things about me.
I used a vintage journal page, some scrapbooking paper and my Instax picture.
1. My last name is Oliver-Lloyd but in reality it should only be Lloyd since Oliver is actually my father's middle name. There are many reasons for this fact, but they are for another list!
2. I used to be really shy and had trouble interacting with people. I was always in my own world and would rather stay there. My mother put me in theater class to help me out and going to a summer camp helped build confidence. When I started university I decided I didn't want to be held back by shyness and purposefully placed myself in challenging situations. Even now, I love texting and sharing in the virtual world, but I get really shy in the real world and hate talking on the phone. I took a test that said I was an extroverted introvert, but it may be the other way around...
3. I had myself de-baptised in 2009. For many reasons I had been feeling that the catholic church was not at all reflecting it's teachings not was it logical to me. When this happened, I got so so very angry and left the fold. It didn't take long to get de-baptised and I feel really good about it. This doesn't mean I am not spiritual, only that none of the institutionalised religions speak to or for me. Also, I have trouble with how women are represented in all major religions i.e. as submissive and obedient, as virgins or prostitutes.
4. I speak spanish...un poco. Actually, I speak it a lot (I learned it for 4 years in high school) but haven't practiced in the longest time so it's probably really rusty.

22. Recent Dreams

This was my guest post on the 30 Days of Lists. I interpreted the prompt as 'dreams that I'd like to fulfill' and not 'last night I dreamt that...', although both ways work.

I did my layering with scrapbooking paper, some stamps stickers, washi and 2 Instax pictures!

Recent dreams...
1. open a stationery store : sigh. I love paper so much, I love notebooks and cards and designs and graphics. I can't own it all...unless it's in my store! This one is a wild dream. Plus, someone else will have to manage the store because I'm not a business type person!
2. move to Scandinavia : I'd love to go there after our stint in Hong Kong. It's Europe, but it isn't. Lots of seafood, warm sweaters, blond people, blue sky, blue sea. Or maybe I'm just stereotyping. Would be nice to find out!
3. Grow a vegetable garden. My summer vacation in Europe showed me that I feel very disconnected to the Earth, to healthy food, to being grounded. I would love to plant my own vegetable garden, no matter where we end up.
4. Places to see before we leave Asia. This would be my top three : Tokyo, the Great Wall and Ankor Wat. So far, Ankor Wat is the only one coming true...this December!

mercredi 25 septembre 2013

21. My food pyramid

I do love a list about food! I get to use my pretty cooking washi and this lovely notepad page (which you can find here).

I've been kicking myself because I forgot to add SUSHI! It should be on top of the eggs, I've added it to the list after taking this picture.

20. Comforting me this week

And a hard week it has been. I kept the color scheme in tune with the previous list. I used a Rifle Paper co note, washi, the Instax pic and a heart paper clip.
Comforting me this week : this book and the internet.
The book is 'Bring up the bodies' by Hilary Mantel. It is quite engrossing, the story of Anne Boleyn's downfall seen through the eyes of Thomas Cromwell.
The internet because I live far from my friends and family. Being able to correspond with them through FB, email or whatever is really precious to me.
Especially when I know my friends are going through some particularly hard times these days, I feel a little closer to them even though I am a continent away. I wish I could do more, but if I can be at least a little source of comfort to them through the little messages or notes that I send them, then I'm happy about it.

19. Qualities I admire in others

I really wanted the background paper to show in this one, so kept it really simple. Vintage paper, washi tape, some stamps.

Authenticity is by far the quality I admire most and the one that I strive for everyday. Humor includes laughing at one's self (hence the picture taken by my son). Loyalty is something I admire and try to be better at. I can see my daughter has that quality and I am glad. And kindness, which goes hand in hand with a lot of other qualities.

lundi 23 septembre 2013

Shop update!

Got some lovely new washi tape this weekend and promptly made these sets:

I think this set is perfect for Filofax or daily planner enthusiasts. It has weather, cooking, tea and coffee doodles and a great to do list.

After making the Halloween PL kits, I decided to put together these destash card packs made with Halloween paper. They are perfect for Project Life. There are two sets. The first has 4 x 6 cards, which is great because you have the option of cutting them in two to make 3 x 4 cards.

This second set is made up of 3 x 4 cards. Everything is already trimmed and ready to be slipped into your PL pages.

I love Halloween. These papers are really cool (just look at that Alice in Wonderland one) and it took me a while to stop hoarding them. I hope you enjoy these. At only 3.50$ for 25 cards, they're a steal!

vendredi 20 septembre 2013

Pages from my little scraps journal

Recent journaling pages

Coptic stitch workshop

On Tuesday night I had the chance to teach a coptic stitch journal workshop at my local craft store. It was a wonderful evening. Coptic stitching is very therapeutic and meditative.

Everyone made really pretty journals and I had a great time.

If you're in Hong Kong and interested, I'm doing another one of these on October 10th, check out HK Memory Chest.

18. I ask for help when...

Honestly, I'm pretty good about asking for help, but it's not always easy!
For this list I used a great paper with the definition of 'semaphore' on it and an old index card with a reference book. A little vintage wallpaper, my photo and an old label.

So I ask for help when I am frustrated (particularly when it comes to computers or reaching things that are high up on the shelf); when I am tired or sick I have no trouble asking people to take over or help me out.

For that last one....maybe I'm petty but sometimes I do it on purpose to ask someone to help me because I want them to go through what I deal with. Like always having to take out the garbage or little menial but repetitive things like this.

17. Favorite things about my house

Our house in Hong Kong was assigned to us, so it does still feel like a house and not a home. I kept everything very simple for this one. I used a vintage order form, some washi, my stamps and an Instax of the view.
Sometimes short and sweet is the best!

mardi 17 septembre 2013

My travel watercolor set

I've been spending a lot of time on the bus, bringing my son to and from school while we wait for the bus system to get organised. So I've started a tiny journal in which I doodle, draw and glue down bits of everyday life. I love it. It's not too defined, just a place to be creative while I wait. It's small enough to fit in my purse and I pack a little pencil case with a few essentials.

I wanted to be able to add watercolor on the fly if I wanted to. My watercolor kit was too big though so I went on google to search for tutorials. I found a lot (I will put the links at the end of this post). Making your own travel set is really easy. I recommend it because you can adapt the colors you want to bring with you.

This is the box I chose. it used to hold little mints. I kept it because it has a Mucha painting on it and he is one of my favorite artists.

I decided to use some clay that I had in the house from one of the kids's parties. I rolled into a fat cylinder, squished into place, made holes in the clay and put the box in the sun to dry.

I let everything dry for 36 hours. Since the clay shrank a little, I glued it into the box. I then chose my colors. This was the hard part. I only had 6 holes and I knew I needed white and black. So I stuck with the primary colors and settled on brown and green for my optional color. I chose these two because I'll be sketching lots of nature and I figure they are practical color to have already mixed. I simply put the tube of black in my tin because you really don't need a lot of it so it would be wasted taking up a whole spot.

I let my watercolors dry overnight and here it is, ready to go!

Yesterday I decided to walk back from Central to my place (takes an hour) and test out my kit. SO MUCH FUN! Loved having my tin in my bag.

Here you can see my tiny journal next to my muffin (had to take a break!). In my pencil case I have two small rolls of washi tape, two small ink squares (red and black), two stamps, a glue stick, one waterbrush with black paint, one waterbrush with gold paint, one watercolor brush, a black Tradio pen and one fluorescent pink pen.

Here are the three tutorials I liked. I thought the bottle cap tutorial (the YouTube video) was even better because if you put magnets on the bottom you can change the color selction in your tin. But here in Hong Kong, the caps were not the right size and I was in too much of a hurry to wait! Plus, I already had the clay on hand.

Have fun!

lundi 16 septembre 2013

Page in progress

16. Things only an archaeologist would understand

Ah this was soooo much fun! I love to revisit my field archaeology days ! I'm a physical anthropologist/archaeologist/bio-archaeologist....there are too many terms for what I do. Actually, i specialise in humain remains, I'm interested in burial practices, beliefs and in the information that human skeletons give us.

Archaeologists are definitely part of the meme culture...Lara Croft and Indiana Jones and such. So it's fun to see what kind of inside jokes/terms we have. I'll explain a few of them. As embellishments, I used some map/survey washi tape, a skull post-it, an Instax of part of my textbook collection and another 'vanitas' notecard.

1. Red-ish brown red. This references the color coding we give the different strata in the ground. There's an old guide that was written in 1905 (Munsell) that had very detailed color codes. The names of the colors are kind of a joke now.
2. Don't know what it is? Lick it. Seriously, it's the best way to differentiate between bone, pottery and stone.
3. Popsicle sticks rock. Best tool to dig up bones because they peel away the dirt without breaking the bones.
4. NOooO I've gone post-processual?!? This is a joke on all the different theoretical currents and style that exist in any human science. Processual archaeology was considered the new archaeology at one time. Theorists think that by understanding the process behind the objects that are found, they can understand the people that were behind the objects. Post-processual archaeology incorporates the archaeologist's own subjectivity into the mix and is also more diverse, sometimes even 'kooky'!
5. Latrines are awesome. Yes this is true. There is nothing more exciting for an archaeologist than finding an ancien toilet. In the past, that was where people threw out their garbage. You are garanteed to find old cuttlery and plates, probably some organic stuff for dating and also to help figure out how/what people ate. All the objects found help us to understand socio-economic status and ways of life.
6. Beer is the only thing that will get cemetery dust out of your throat. This is the truth and you will archaeologists putting this into practice. Usually at the end of each day.
7. No, I don't dig up dinosaurs / find gold teeth / look like Lara Croft / act like Indiana Jones. This is a mishmash of the silly things people ask me about what I do. As I mentionned, archaeology is very much part of the pop culture. But you should know that it is not at all what you think it is (it's even better!)
8. Please tell me again that ancient civilizations come from outerspace. This is the most annoying thing for me. That people will look at ancient iconography and try to prove various superfluous and ridiculous conspiracy theories. Like the end of the world supposedly predicted by the Maya or images of Aztec people leaving the planet in space rockets. Or that last Indiana Jones movie. Don't even mention that one to me.
This was a really fun list :)

15. Things in my bedtable drawer

Ack! A real scrary trip into dark territory! The top drawer of my bedside table is the home of anything and everything I don't feel like actually putting away or throwing out. I always say 'i'll deal with it later' (see? magical thinking again!!) and then I forget.

For this list I had a very busy background and I didn't want to clutter it too much. So I went with ledger paper, my photo and two small office embellishments.
So...most of these are self explanatory. 'Old wallets'...I really love the wallets I use, so when I change (not often) I just can't throw the old ones away. They end up here! I also have necklaces I want to repair...and one I wear regularly. Rocks, yes I love rocks and I have them all over my place and the ones I'm not sure where to put end up here.
Thanks for showing me a clean-up is in order :)

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