vendredi 30 août 2013

Trial and error

If you read my list for the 30 Days of Lists blog hop on Monday, you'll notice that I want to start using my sewing sew fabric! So far, I've mostly used it to sew paper (like in my travel journal) and confetti pockets in my Project Life.

So when I saw this tutorial on Alisa Burke's blogs, I decided to try it out with some heavy fabric from Ikea. I didn't measure anything, nor did I make sure my lines were straight. This is probably my first mistake!
It was very easy and fast. I can see that not measuring makes for an uneven bag. this doesn't bother me too much. I decided to stitch at the top of the bag to add an interesting element to it. I think that next time, I would roll down the fabric inwardly and then do the stitch, to give this a cleaner more finished look.

I felt the moose bag was a little wide, so I made a second one that was narrower. Unfortunately, I didn't do the top seam like I've just mentionned. Making these two bags too me all of 5 minutes.

I had lots of fun and can see how this can become addictive and how you can add to the simplicity of the design so that these bags adapt to how you want to use them. In my case, because it isn't canvas, the bags don't hold their shape well. I decided to use them as project bags.

My kids always want to go to the pool these days and sometimes I just don't want to swim. So I put my projects in the bag and it comes with me when I sit by the pool and watch over them.

You can see that I'm still getting used to my sewing machine (I call her Marie-Antoinette), especially when it comes to finding the right tension. You can see that the inside stitch is a little loose. It may be because there is just one layer of fabric there.

Well, all of this is clearly a work in progress and there is always room for improvement. And that's what I love about trying new things :)

Shop update

New washi samplers and new goodies for the Lister's Heaven pack.

mercredi 28 août 2013

Signum Firenze...or my own personal treasure trove

When I was in Florence a month ago, I came across a wonderful store. You had to walk down a few steps from the cobbled street into the coolness of this store. I felt like Ali Baba entering the cave full of treasure.

Signum is a store full of my favorite items : hand bound leather journals, filled with premium white paper and decorated with gold leaf on the cover. Wrapping paper from Cavallini and co with vintage anatomy plates, birds, old maps and writing on them. Vintage postcards and calendars. Paper goods decorated in the Firenze (Florence) style and with the symbol of the city - a fleur de lys - on them. Calligraphy nibs made from vintage ones. Calligraphy ink in all colors. Beautiful, ornate musical boxes featuring la Comedia dell'arte.

This store was like a dream come true for me and I spent so much time there, touching the pages, smelling the leather, feasting on all the gold, aqua and coral colors. I was very happy and I didn't even think to take a picture of the store!

I brought back these three ink bottles. Honestly, I would have bought so many more, except I have a lot here already! The bottles are so cute. I haven't opened them because I have some ink to finish forst.And because look at those wax seals! The lady in the store mentionned that there were plastic caps under the I can't bring myself to open them.

Even the packaging is beautiful. Each bottle came in a little cadboard box with Leonardo da Vinci's sketchings and notes on them. Like this box here.

This is a set of nibs made from vintage nibs. I love it!!! Can't wait to try each of these!

My favorite to look at is the hand that you see in the middle here. How absolutely victorian, sigh.

The nibs came with a calligraphy alphabet chart with three styles on it.

Of course, I had to get some papers too. So I bought two sets of theses notecards with typical Florence motifs on them. And lots of gold details too (I love gold!).

Just looking at these makes me very happy. If you are interested, they have an online shop and you can go look at all this eye candy. Especially the! Unfortunately, I don't think they sell the ink bottles online...or if they do, please send me the link!

lundi 26 août 2013

30 Days of Lists Journaling Prompt Blog Hop!

The September edition of 30 Days of Lists is less than a week away! I can't wait to get started, it looks like a very exciting round. If you are interested in participating, please use the link on the right side to register. There are printables and coupon codes for the sponsor's shops...including mine! And just in case you need an extra incentive...there will be an amazing giveaway once we reach 600 Listers. If you are in the first 600 people to register, you are automatically eligible to win a 100$ gift-certificate at Studio Calico! How cool is THAT?!

We are doing a blog hop today, using the prompts from March 2011. Those prompts are available free here :

For today's blog hop, I chose DIYs I want to try. They all have to do with sewing because I just got a sewing machine last Christmas. So far I've only used it to sew paper!!

Thanks for taking a look at my blog. Please take the time to look around; I hope you like what you see. Now, hop along to the next one ;0)
Have fun getting warmed up for September's 30 Days of Lists!

dimanche 25 août 2013

Pages from V's Little Scraps Journal

Yesterday's post mentionned a new way of using up my small scaps of paper. All of the ones I've put aside become little collages in my book. I sometimes add words if I feel like it, or leave the pages to speak for themselves.

 I like the juxtaposition and the new meaning created. That meaning is clear to me

A lot of the elements are rectagular or square. I sometimes soften them by tearing the edages or by adding washi tape. But in general, I like that shape. Guess it speaks to the cartesian side of my personality.

 I'm glad to have found a home and a function for these scraps.


samedi 24 août 2013

Something new

It's no secret that I love paper. I have difficulty throwing away even the smallest piece! So my scrap pile gets bigger and bigger. I also do Project Life. But I don't print my own photos. This means that I do a lot of trimming before putting them in my PL album. I'm left with this :
How cool are those trimmings? Lots of textures and colors, pretty flower pieces.

I felt bad just throwing them out. So now I put them in a special box. Then I had an idea. I went through all of my paper stacks and pulled out all of the small pieces of paper that I know I won't use in other layouts or collages.

Instax photos that are out of focus, too dark, too light or with sun flares? In the box.

You know that pretty strip of paper with the manufacturer's name at the bottom of scrapbooking paper? In the box!
Clothing tags, pretty business cards, leftover vellum, strips of wallpaper, stamps, stitching practice, wrapping paper, practice watercolor paper...I put it all in my box.

Such pretty textures and colors!
So now that all of these papers are in the special scraps box, what to do with them?

Enter this lovely notebook that has been hanging around my place for a year. I bought it because it has the softest paper I've ever felt.

I'm so glad I found a purpose for it...and for my scraps!

 Images from inside the book...tomorrow !

30 Days of Lists is one week away!

Can't wait to get started on my listing. I love this project so much.

In preparation, I printed out Rukristin's cards, available free when you register. Here they are among other free printables I finally got around to printing.

And then I carved myself this awesome stamp:

I love it so much. I'll be using it everywhere!!!
To register to 30 Days of Lists, please follow the link on the right side of the page. You won't regret it, I promise :)

Stamp-carving workshop

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of leading a stamp-carving workshop at my local craft store. I brought some creative fodder for the students, including some previously carved stamps and some typography books.
Here they are hard at work on their designs.

We all carved something from my calendar, which has cute wood-block style images and a great font. Here is a bird by one of the students:

I carved myself a monogram stamp

We had loads of fun making stamps. This student will use hers on her Project Life album:

My mix tape was a favorite among the students. Look at that lovely shoe!

Feather, bird and name stamps.

Good job everyone!

Here are the stamps I carved that night:

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