samedi 3 décembre 2016

V's 52 Pick-Up || 49

Another recurring element in the last part of The Waste Land is the violet sky or the violet light.

This makes me think of the sky just before a thunderstorm. Which is good because this is what is happening in this last past of the poem.

'Bats with baby faces' is such a strong image, don't you agree?

In this case, I feel like the resemblance is uncanny :)

Only a couple of weeks left! Thanks for sticking with me.

vendredi 2 décembre 2016

My Tokyo/HK travel journal

I had so much fun during this trip with my friend. It felt good to be just on our own, without our kids, even though we missed them and talked about them a lot! I had even more fun filling in my travel journal! This is a journal that Caylee made me when we met in Paris, but I'm pretending that the Eiffel Tower is actually Tokyo tower, heh heh.

I love picking up ephemera wherever I go and adding it in. I also love the watercolour paper that was in here. I decided to watercolour the food we had or things we saw.

Tried something new here: I layered all the colours and then added the sketching.

The food. SO. Good.

Interactive pages are also super fun.

'Not from Paris Madame' is the best sticker I've ever seen and so perfect here! Because we are french Canadian and speak french, people thought we were from France and we kept having to set the record straight.

My favourite page!

Then we left Tokyo and headed off to Hong Kong (where my friend lives). I love documenting the movies I watched on the plane. I usually journal while I watch them!

 Coming home to Hong Kong was really emotional for me.

I got some new ink! I'm waiting for it to heal so I can share.

I met Lauren Brown in HK and she made this page in my journal!

Et voilà! I've just enrolled in Lauren's Travel Like an Artist class and I'm already so inspired by her ideas. Can't wait to try them out next time I travel.

jeudi 1 décembre 2016

December 30 Days of Lists | my notebook

Another round of the December edition of 30 Days of Lists is starting! YAY! How I love this project! The December lists are more low key because we are all so busy documenting everything and I love that.

I thought I'd share the inside of my notebook before I start filling it up. This year I'm using all the ephemera in my stash...or trying to at least.

Very much into this soft, non-traditional colour scheme.

This middle page is full of glitter! Since there is no snow here in Beijing, it will remind me of Canada!

If you want to register for this month's 30 Days of Lists, just click on the button on the sidebar of  my blog.

mercredi 30 novembre 2016

Lunacy Phases | 03

Last week, both Robyn and I were travelling, so we skipped our Lunacy Phases project. But we are back full force this week. I really enjoy this type of art journaling! 

The Maiden:

'Poupée' means doll. We tend to think little girls are fragile, pretty things but they are also very strong especially in their sense of self.

My daughter is in a hurry to grow up! But I want to tell her that it's ok to be a girl, a teen and not jump ahead too fats.

The Mother:

The image above addresses the fact that we are often selfless as mothers and forget that taking care of ourselves is also very important. 'Self' card by LifeLovePaper.

The mother is also about being a woman, about letting yourself be open to love and commitment. This line in The Little Prince is one of my favourites: 'But if you come at just any time, I shall never know at what hour my heart is to be ready to greet you. We needs rituals''.

The Crone:

Accepting one's sensuality/sexuality. That it is complex, complete, deep and good.

The image of the purple hat comes from a story I read about a woman wanting to wear a purple hat that she loves. But she never wears it because she fears she'll damage it or lose it, but really it's because she's afraid of what others will say. And then she becomes older and doesn't care anymore and wears it and it brings her so much joy. So there. Don't wait, just wear that hat!

Yes, that is me, the keeper of stories.

Just a few pages left in these.

Thank you for stopping by.

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